Some Goals for 2023

I'm not one who typically sets goals for myself at the start of a new year. I'm not a fan of making resolutions. The overwhelming pessimist in me just sees a New Year's resolution as a way to wind up disappointed by the end of February. But I've been thinking about the kind of year … Continue reading Some Goals for 2023


Can I Be Honest?

I'm in a funk... I don't know what it is... I just don't know. I feel like, overall, things have been improving for me recently. I mean, I finally got myself into regular therapy a few months ago. So that's been helpful in revealing a lot of things about myself and figuring out why I've … Continue reading Can I Be Honest?

2020… 2?

Paul, our friendly neighborhood Captain over at The Captain's Speech has nominated me to share my goals for 2022. Yes, he used the word "nominate..." Though, to be honest, I feel like it's more of a challenge. I may only feel that way because I'm not one who enjoys setting goals for myself. I definitely … Continue reading 2020… 2?

Five Years

Where do you see yourself in five years? This is the question that is inevitably asked of every college student at one point or another. Some are asked as rising freshmen. Some are asked as exiting graduates. Many are even asked again once they interview for that job they’ve been working so hard to get. … Continue reading Five Years

Reviewing the Bucket List

I can't believe it, but it's been more than three years since I first decided to post a bucket list to the blog. And, in that time, I've barely looked at the thing to see if I'm making any actual progress. No, I'm not dying. At least, I don't think I am. You never know. … Continue reading Reviewing the Bucket List

To the Future

When I was counseling at the school, I sometimes liked to participate in the therapeutic activities that I got my clients to do. This one time, a few years back, I had the kids write letters to themselves in five years. Looking back, I probably should have said 10 or 15 years. They didn't really … Continue reading To the Future

Dear Parents,

I am a Therapeutic Day Treatment Counselor. My job is to spend time with your troubled child while he or she is at school. I hang out with them in their classrooms. I provide encouragement and redirection as needed. I pull them out of class for the occasional one-on-one counseling session to work on goals … Continue reading Dear Parents,