Question of the Week #335

If your parents became infirm and you had to either bring them into your home or put them in a nursing home, which would you do? What about any siblings of yours who were unable to care for themselves? Sorry, mom... I gotta say nursing home. I hope that doesn't sound cruel. And it isn't … Continue reading Question of the Week #335


4 Things You Shouldn’t Do at the Drive-Thru

The drive-thru lane is something that, I'm fairly confident, I can speak about with some authority. After all, I did spend four years of my adult life working as a drive-thru bank teller. There are just certain things that a person who is taking the drive-thru lane should not do. But this isn't about the … Continue reading 4 Things You Shouldn’t Do at the Drive-Thru

Question of the Week #66

Do you feel that advice from older people carries special weight because of their greater experience? I'm gonna say no. I think there are a lot of situations that can come up in our lives that someone somewhere has to have been through before. But just because they've been through something similar doesn't necessarily mean … Continue reading Question of the Week #66

The Single Guy Talks About the Weather

The following is based on actual events which occurred a number of years ago... He knew it was a mistake as soon as he opened his mouth to speak. But by then it was already too late. The path from his brain to his lips was far too short a distance and before he could … Continue reading The Single Guy Talks About the Weather


No one ever saw me coming. Sure, in my younger years I may have been something to see. I had my share of admirers, but I never took any of those ladies, or myself for that matter, very seriously at all. For a short time, I thought I was on top of the world. It's … Continue reading Invisible

A Walk in the Park

Originally written in January of 2011... The old man could be found in the same place very day. He could be found sitting on the same park bench feeding pigeons again and again. He used to spend his lunch break throwing bread crumbs to the birds. Now he spent most of his day here. Hank … Continue reading A Walk in the Park


I've made it clear that I don't want to age. Back when I turned 29, I continually joked about how it would be my final birthday. I think that our attitude towards aging is a product of the culture and society that we've been brought up in. As children, we can't wait to grow up. … Continue reading Aging

The Whistler

Back when I was in high school, I did some volunteer work for the Raleigh Court Public Library. While I was there working in the afternoons, I came into contact with a man who would come to be known as The Whistler. No, he wasn't the villain of the week on Smallville. If you're from … Continue reading The Whistler