Fortune and Glory

I've written about the fortunes that come out of the fortune cookies before. And while all of those little slips of paper are not always blogworthy, it's incredibly fortunate when one comes across one that is. This weekend I took a quick trip to Raleigh and spent an evening dining on Chinese takeout with some … Continue reading Fortune and Glory


Fortunate Son

On the way home the other night, I decided I was craving some Chinese takeout. I had actually been craving it for a few days. There's this place next to the Food Lion here in town that's pretty good. I found out about this place over the course of several months because of the many … Continue reading Fortunate Son

Carp Dime

I've mentioned a number of times in the past that The Confusing Middle is not my first attempt at blogging. For 10 years I wrote a blog called Carp Dime. Some people may look at those two words and wonder what they could mean. If you think they're a misspelling of the Latin, carpe diem, … Continue reading Carp Dime