You know… I used to be good at throwing darts. It was one of those things that I actually got better at the more I played and the more I played the more fun it was to play.

For a while, back when I was on staff with my former church, we had a dartboard in one of the office rooms. And when it was cold or rainy outside, we would often spend our post-lunch lunch break throwing the darts.

I’m not saying I need other people to throw darts. I mean, yeah, the competition is nice. It certainly drives us to try and perform better. But I’m good with competing with myself, if I’m being honest.

I just don’t think I could get away with having a dartboard in my apartment.

First, I’m not sure that even my living room, the largest room in the unit, would be big enough for the standard distance between the thrower and the board. Next, I don’t think management would appreciate the obvious damage that would build up on the drywall. I mean, sure, I’m hitting the dartboard a vast majority of the time I’m throwing. But every now and then you just have a bad throw and you end up putting a hole in the wall. It happens.

I think I’d have to build some kind of protective barrier to hang on the wall, then hang the board on that barrier. But who wants to go through all that for a rental?

Guess I just need to suck it up and pretend like I’m still pre-pandemic Aaron and make some friends who can find a decent bar that has a few decent dartboards. I don’t know… that seems like a lot of effort, too.


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