Five-Letter Words

It’s finally happened. The streak has come to an end.

No… not the streak on WordPress. That one is still going strong. In fact, this post will mark 921 consecutive days of posting to the blog.

The streak I’m talking about is the one I’ve been enjoying on Wordle. You know Wordle, the game that swept the nation a few months ago? I still see people occasionally sharing their daily results to Twitter.

For a while, a few friends and I would share how we each did in a group text, but that came to an end a few weeks ago.

I’ve been playing each day since January. Today was my 168th day to play the word game. And today was the first time I was unable to get the correct word in six guesses. My win streak ended with 167.

This whole time, I’ve believed that my method for figuring out each day’s word was foolproof. My first three guesses are, 90% of the time, throwaways. I say 90% because there have been occasions when the word has been obvious after my first or second guess.

I typically begin with IRATE. That lets me see about three of those all important vowels. Then, to eliminate potential letters and see about the other two vowels, I use SHOCK and PLUMB. This allows me to utilize 15 letters to either see which ones are in that day’s word or eliminate letters that are not.

Today, in my final two guesses, I had all but the first letter locked down. I had three possible words in mind. I picked the wrong two.

I suppose all good things must come to an end…


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