Warning Signs

Have you ever noticed the hazard signs that are posted on the backs or sides of trucks that are hauling some kind of hazardous materials from one point to the next? Sure you have. You probably just don’t pay much attention to them. More often than not, it’s a little red sign that warns other drivers that there’s something flammable on board. You see that a lot on the gasoline tanks. They’re warning you not to crash into them because you may cause a huge explosion if you do. Like you’d normally try to run into a fuel truck if it didn’t have the warning sign. But, have you noticed that they’re also, usually, some kind of flip sign? You can change them as your hazard warning needs change.

Today, I saw one I’d never seen before. It was a blue sign that said “Dangerous When Wet.” This sign struck me as really odd. I’m no science whiz, so maybe I’m just having a hard time coming up with materials that would be more dangerous wet than dry.

Then, it hit me. The driver was obviously transporting Mogwais. Though, getting them wet doesn’t really make them dangerous. Feeding them after midnight, that’s where the danger lies. You know, ’cause that’s when they transform into Gremlins. Then again, whenever Gizmo got wet and spawned his offspring, the kids were always pretty mean, even before they turned into Gremlins.

Which really begs the question, what’s up with Gizmo’s genetic code? Is Gizmo the only adorable Mogwai in the world? I mean, really, every time the guy tries to reproduce, his kids try to kill him. Maybe I’m just thinking about this way too much.

What do you guys think? Anyone out there know what kind of hazardous material gets more hazardous when it’s wet? Anyone out there know if there are other species of animals that tend toward patricide other than the fictitious Mogwai? Let me know what you think.

Feature Photo by Vladyslav Cherkasenko on Unsplash


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