I’m Not Ready for This

Tomorrow is April 1. That means tomorrow begins the A to Z Challenge. I am truly unprepared for this thing.

I said I would be writing some kind of short fiction every day based on random words beginning with each day’s appropriate letter. Thus far, I’ve received words from friends and family for A through H. Thus far, I’ve written exactly zero of those short stories to get ahead of the curve.

In my defense, this has been a stressful week at work. But I can say that about every week at work for the past year or so. Point being I can’t use work stress as an excuse. I’d like to say that next week will be easier, but it will only be easier in regards to one of my clients. I’m already anticipating other problems. Mostly that I don’t have enough clients to meet the needs spelled out in my current contract on a week to week basis.

But you all don’t want to hear about the stresses that come with my job. Or maybe you do. But I’m really not allowed to talk about such things. Confidentiality and all…

I was talking to a couple of folks in the office today and made the off-hand remark that I need a vacation. When asked, I confirmed that the last time I took any vacation time was June of last year. So they told me I was way overdue. I can’t help but agree. But taking vacation in the near future is easier said than done.

No… I could easily schedule a week off work as soon as two weeks from now. But the problem then becomes what happens when I find myself burned out again later this year? Take more vacation? If only…

I get one week of vacation per calendar year. Okay… I get six days of vacation per calendar year. Last year they tacked on the extra day as a birthday present for all employees. I get five days of sick leave per year. I’ve already used two of those and we’ve still got nine months left in the year. That means I can get sick three more days. Or I can take three mental health days. Or what if I get the COVID? The quarantine is five days. So that means I go two days without pay, right?

I know… I’m complaining… Some people don’t get vacation or sick leave at all, right?

Anyway… This was supposed to be how unprepared I feel for the A to Z Challenge. I just didn’t know how to turn that into a full length blog post. Because it takes exactly one sentence to say I’m not ready for the A to Z Challenge.

The end.


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