That Time I Got a Flat Tire

I got a flat tire this morning. While I was taking my first client of the day to an appointment. And it wasn’t the kind of flat that could just have air added to hold me over. No… this tire was done.

So I had to change the tire. Which isn’t typically a problem. I have no issues changing a tire. But the spare was under the floor of my trunk… which has not been emptied in approximately 73 years. I really just need to throw all that stuff away.

Anyway… With the spare installed, I still had a client to deal with. And two others after her. Now I’m finally getting my tire replaced where I bought the full set last summer… hoping I will pay little to nothing based on the warranty I allegedly have.

That said, Rewatching Quantum Leap will have to wait until next week.


5 thoughts on “That Time I Got a Flat Tire

  1. Oh goodness! What a start to the day! I’m glad you were able to get it sorted out and finish your clinet list though. Good luck with the warrenty

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    • Update: The warranty was only good for 45,000 miles and since I spend so much of my job driving clients from A to B, I’m sure I passed 45k long ago. Paid $96 and change for a new tire, labor, and all the various charges that came with disposing of the old tire. Good thing I didn’t make plans for my tax return money.


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