The Blogger Games II – Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of The Blogger Games! Before I reveal this week’s theme and questions, we’re going to take a look back at Week 2 and see who made it onto the podium.

Week 2 – Sports

Competitors: Monty, Venus, T, Paul, yoyoliving

1. As a student at Bluefield College, why was I not allowed to participate in intramural flag football?
A) I had asthma
B) I was a dropper
C) I was too slow

Correct: Paul, yoyoliving

To this day, I have a problem holding onto things. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve dropped my keys just pulling them out of my pocket or trying to put them back into my pocket. Seriously… it’s a problem.

2. As a 7th grader I played baseball for Woodrow Wilson Middle School. What position did I play?
A) Short Stop
B) Catcher
C) Right Field

Correct: Venus, T, Paul, yoyoliving

I was the kid they put out in right field so they could try and forget I was on the team. I was not good.

3. On New Year’s Eve, 1999, I sustained an injury while roller skating. What was that injury?
A) Dislocated Shoulder
B) Sprained Ankle
C) Broken Tailbone

Correct: Monty, T, Paul, yoyoliving

There was water on the floor, okay? I slipped and lost control. Who spills water on the floor of a roller rink?

4. Where did I attend my first Major League Baseball game?
A) Fenway Park
B) Yankee Stadium
C) Camden Yards

Correct: Monty, Venus, T, yoyoliving

I did get to visit all three of those parks in the same trip in the summer of 2001, along with seeing the Metts play at Shea Stadium and the Phillies play at Veterans Field. But the game in Baltimore was the first stop. Five games in five days with my dad. Greatest road trip I’ve ever been on.

5. What is my favorite movie about baseball?
A) A League of Their Own
B) Field of Dreams
C) Bull Durham

Correct: Paul

It was one of my dad’s favorite movies of all time, so I think of him every time I see it. And I’m in tears at the end, every time Kevin Costner asks his dad if he wants to have a catch. I’m tearing up thinking about it now…

6. I have been to one NHL game in my life. Who was the home team?
A) Washington Capitals
B) Philadelphia Flyers
C) Carolina Hurricanes

Correct: Monty, Venus, T, Paul

While I attended many a minor league game in my hometown growing up with the Roanoke Express playing in the Civic Center, I never went to an NHL game until a friend got access to box seats at a Hurricanes game while I was living in the Raleigh area.

7. As a bank teller, I often ran transactions for what college athlete and future NFL star?
A) Russell Wilson
B) Andrew Luck
C) Robert Griffin III

Correct: Venus, Paul, yoyoliving

Again, this is when I was living and working in the Raleigh area. Russell Wilson was still a student athlete, playing for NC State, which was just around the corner from the branch I worked in. I’m still mentally kicking myself for not getting him to sign all the things when I had the chance. Dude’s a Super Bowl champion.

8. As a child, I bowled in a Saturday morning youth league at what local bowling alley?
A) All-Star Lanes
B) Lee-Hi Lanes
C) Hilltop Lanes

Correct: Venus, Paul, yoyoliving

All three of these bowling alleys existed at one time in the Roanoke area. All-Star Lanes is no longer around. The other two are still in operation to this day, but Hilltop is way over on the other side of town. Lee-Hi was just down the road from where we lived in those days, making it the most convenient to visit each weekend.

9. Which of the following would I support in becoming an Olympic sport?
A) Ultimate Frisbee
B) Calvinball
C) Competitive Cup Stacking

Correct: N/A

Calvinball isn’t really a thing, since it’s a game made up by Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes. Pretty sure the rules change every time he and the tiger play it. Cup Stacking may or may not already be an Olympic sport… I tried looking it up on the Google but got conflicting reports. But Ultimate should definitely be added to the line up.

10. As a freshman in high school, why did I attend every Girls’ JV Soccer home game?
A) My cousin was on the team and was my ride
B) I had a crush on a girl on the team
C) My earth science teacher was the coach and gave her students extra credit for attending

Correct: Monty, Venus, yoyoliving

While it was true that the earth science teacher gave us extra credit for showing up to the games, I was an A student in her class. I didn’t need the credit. But I did need a certain soccer player who shall remain nameless to notice when I came to the games.

Total for Week 2 – Combined total from Week 1 & 2 in parentheses
1. Paul – 7 (15)
1. yoyoliving – 7 (13)
3. Venus – 6 (6)
4. Monty – 4 (7)
4. T – 4 (5)

This week Paul shares the top spot on the podium with yoyoliving! And following Olympic tradition, when there is a tie for first place, no silver medal will be awarded this week, giving Venus, our runner-up, the bronze.

Let’s take a look at the Medal Tally!


This week’s topic is: Preferences

To Play

  • Answer the questions below in a blog post of your own and link it back to this post so I can see it.
  • Your answers are due by next Wednesday, February 23. Results will be posted on Thursday, February 24 and medals will be presented.
  • Every question is about me. There is only one correct answer.
  • You are not required to provide any commentary with your answers, but you can if you want!
  • If you did not participate in Week 1 or 2 you can still participate in Week 3!

It’s time to play The Blogger Games II!

1. Which way do I like the toilet paper roll to hang?
A) Over
B) Under

2. Sandwiches taste better when they are…
A) Not Cut
B) Cut Diagonally

3. When it comes to watching shows on TV, I like to watch them…
A) Week to Week
B) Binged All at Once

4. I am a…
A) Night Owl
B) Morning Person

5. Which fast food French Fries do I prefer?
A) McDonald’s
B) Burger King

6. I like to sleep on my…
A) Side
B) Back

7. When I order my beverage at a restaurant I…
A) Use a Straw
B) Drink from the Glass

8. I would rather be…
A) Hot
B) Cold

9. I would rather live…
A) On a Lake
B) At the Beach

10. Which young adult book series do I like more?
A) Percy Jackson
B) Harry Potter

Your turn to share…
This part won’t be marked.

What are some preferences you have? What do you like that others don’t? What would your answers be to my 10 questions above?

Those questions are merely prompts. Feel free to share whatever you want about food. Perhaps one of my ten questions reminded you of something.

I will be back next Thursday for the medal ceremony, as well as the questions for Week 4.

Thanks for playing and good luck!


22 thoughts on “The Blogger Games II – Week 3

  1. Hmm. I got 4 correct out of 10 vs. only 3 last week, but their were better odds due to fewer options given. I’ve got to break out the maths to confirm but I would say my strategy this week (going against my intuition) failed me. Or at least it’s no better. I’ll have to figure out a new strategy for next week to get back on the podium. Thanks Aaron!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Happy with the outcome, though I’m kicking myself over the Calvinball question. I did look it up and see it was Calvin and Hobbes-related but didn’t think “oh, this isn’t real.” Though my second guess would’ve been competitive cup stacking, so it’s fine.

    So you’re telling me I went on a wild goose chase about the Russell Wilson answer and you weren’t even in Virginia at the time???? Oh man.

    Liked by 2 people

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