Keeping the Streak Alive!

Normally I would have posted a Quantum Leap episode recap here. Because it’s Tuesday. And what a Tuesday it’s been.

Also… Yesterday was about the Mondayest Monday that’s been in a while. So I really didn’t have the energy to preplan today’s post.

I’m home from work now and had every intention of posting the Quantum Leap recap. But my computer had other ideas. It’s really being uncooperative and non-compliant.

So I’ll be back with the usual episode next week… Man, two days in a row with bad excuses for not getting on with the regular posts.

But I have some news that will not only make you feel better but will actively excite you. Tomorrow we enter Week 2 of the 2nd Blogger Games and the first week’s medalists will be announced!

See… I told you it would be exciting.

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