Rewatching Quantum Leap – Episode 39

Theorizing that one could time travel within his own lifetime, Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into the quantum leap accelerator and vanished. He awoke to find himself trapped in the past, facing mirror images that were not his own, and driven by an unknown force to change history for the better. His only guide on this journey is Al, an observer from his own time who appears in the form of a hologram that only Sam can see and hear. And so, Dr. Beckett finds himself leaping from life to life, striving to put right what once went wrong, and hoping each time that his next leap will be the leap home.

The Great Spontini

  • Sam leaps into someone who is curled up inside a box that is having swords thrust into it.
  • Upon hearing a voice announce “the Sword of Doom,” Sam bursts out of the box in fear.
  • A little girl introduces him as The Great Spontini!
  • He receives a round of unenthusiastic applause.
  • Sam’s magic act with the little girl is… not good.
  • I’d be willing to bet that the real Spontini’s show is a little better… though he does manage to successfully saw the kid in half and put her back together.
  • Not sure how he does that not knowing how the trick works.
  • Guess it’s all riding on his young assistant’s shoulders.
  • When the show is over, the kid asks Sam what that was all about, remarking it was Phoenix all over again.
  • She’s grateful they’re in Oakland because they’d never get away with that in Vegas.
  • Referring to him as Harry, she reminds him that they need to perfect the show before they perform for Bill Bixby and do the “Table of Death,” which will net them a prize of $3,500.
  • That money will allow them to finally settle down and open their magic store.
  • Sam makes his way to his dressing room and Al arrives.
  • They’re interrupted by a woman that Al calls Elaine and she’s all over Sam.
  • Then she gets mad because she assumes Sam still isn’t over Maggie.
  • And then Maggie is interrupted by Maggie, Harry’s ex-wife and mother to Harry’s young assistant.
  • Al informs Sam that Maggie ran out on Harry and the kid three years ago.
  • Maggie is joined by Steve Slater… and they both compliment Harry on his act.
  • The kid then remarks how it’ll never top her disappearing act before leaving to feed the rabbits.
  • Al can’t figure out why Maggie would come back after being gone for three years.
  • Then she tells Sam she wants a divorce because she and Steve are planning to wed.
  • Coincidentally, Steve is an attorney.
  • Sam tries to convince Maggie to have a conversation without the attorney, but Steve says they can talk in the judge’s chambers tomorrow.
  • Once Maggie and Steve leave, Sam tells Al he thinks he’s there to reunite the family, even though Al says that Spontini originally spent everything he had on attorneys and still lost everything.
  • In judge’s chambers, Steve reveals that it’s not really about the divorce… it’s about custody over Jamie.
  • Steve claims that Harry is an unfit parent… which makes sense coming from the attorney of a woman who ran out on her child three years ago.
  • The attorney is a scumbag and uses a lot of dirty tricks and wordplay to turn Harry into the bad guy.
  • The judge buys into it and grants immediate custody of Jamie to Maggie.
  • When Steve tries to have the judge deny all visitation rights, Maggie steps in but is ignored by the jerk.
  • Thankfully the judge doesn’t agree that denying visitation would be in the child’s best interest.
  • Sam breaks the news to Jamie and she doesn’t take it well… because of course she wants to stay with Harry.
  • But because she’s a minor she has no say in the matter… which is a load of crap.
  • Eventually, Jamie agrees and says she’ll go under one condition… that Sam perfect the Table of Death.
  • They go to practice in but Sam isn’t great at picking locks and when he fails, Jamie accuses him of doing this on purpose and says he doesn’t want her around anymore.
  • Later, when Sam talks to Al about being unable to do the trick, Al tells him he has to figure it out or he’ll lose Jamie forever.
  • When Sam says maybe that’s for the best, but Al tells him that Maggie wins custody and marries Steve then Jamie runs away looking for Harry and ends up on the street, a thief.
  • Sam decides to try an alternative… go and make nice with Maggie…
  • But Al doesn’t think it’ll work, saying he’s known women like her before.
  • Sam takes Jamie to Maggie’s house and it’s clear that Jamie doesn’t want to be there… and Maggie can see it.
  • Jamie goes to check out the back yard, giving Sam a chance to talk to Maggie.
  • Maggie apologizes and admits a lot of this was Steve’s idea, saying she just wanted her daughter back.
  • They show Jamie her bedroom and begin to win her over… though she still claims she won’t be staying long.
  • When Sam is alone with Maggie again, he succeeds in reminding her of the good times she shared with Harry and they wind up kissing.
  • Then he makes the mistake of mentioning the magic shop, which is a huge point of contention for Maggie.
  • Steve shows up and starts a fight with Sam, so Maggie forces them both out.
  • But before Steve leaves, he’s in the room with Jamie for a minute before walking out… and he tells her to smile all she wants, because when he’s done with Harry in court, it’ll be a cold day in hell before she or Maggie every lay eyes on him again.
  • The next day, Maggie gets ready to leave and has an old woman come to babysit Jamie… even though Jamie clearly doesn’t need a babysitter.
  • Then, as soon as Maggie is gone, Jamie sneaks out her window.
  • Before court, Al arrives and Sam tells him he’s got a bad feeling about Jamie, so Al says he’ll go check on the kid while Sam gets to court.
  • Al has Ziggy center him on Jamie and sees that she’s locking herself into the Table of Death… alone… and Ziggy says Jamie is going to be killed.
  • Sam is on the stand and Steve is tearing him apart when Al arrives to tell him where Jamie is.
  • At the risk of being held in contempt of court, Sam runs out and Maggie follows him.
  • Back at the club, Jamie accidentally drops the lock pick… then she accidentally knocks her bag onto the floor and activates the table.
  • Sam arrives and is able to pick the lock just in time to save Jamie from being crushed to death.
  • Back in court, Steve continues to tear in to Sam, claiming that Harry has been trying to manipulate his daughter for professional gain and endangered her life.
  • But Maggie speaks up, stating that Jamie was in her custody when her life was in danger.
  • Against Steve’s legal advice, Maggie withdraws her custody petition… then she gives Steve his ring back.
  • Maggie promises Jamie that she’s not going anywhere and she just wants a chance to have a fresh start with her.
  • Al tells Sam that things work out great and that Maggie even finds a great deal on a place that Harry can turn into a magic shop close by to Maggie’s house.
  • Sam asks if Harry and Maggie get back together, but Al says that’s not in the cards.
  • So Sam decides to change the cards by grabbing Maggie and kissing her.
  • Al says they fall in love again and officially get back together a year later.
  • Sam then leaps into a man riding a motorcycle and he clearly doesn’t know what he’s doing, causing him to crash on the side of the road…
  • Oh boy.

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