Bloganuary the Seventh

Welcome back to Bloganuary, the daily encouragement from WordPress for bloggers to post something each day. If you want to participate in Bloganuary, just click here! Today’s prompt asks the question: What makes you laugh?

You know, as depressed and generally pissed off as I’ve been in recent months, I still find myself easily amused. Sure, there are times when I’m beyond angry or upset and nothing short of Robin Williams doing stand up for half an hour from beyond the grave will cause me to even crack a smile. But once I’m home, by myself, able to actually relax after a typically difficult day, I’m open to all sorts of hilarity.

Things that make me laugh…

  • Dog videos
  • Cat videos
  • Baby laughter
  • Ted Lasso (which also makes me cry)
  • Friends (which makes me laugh like I’m seeing it for the first time)
  • People falling, especially on ice (but not getting seriously hurt)
  • The TikTok account of Jaron & Maggie, AKA @theblondebrewer
  • Some of my own blog posts (because I can admit when I’m funny)
  • That substitute teacher sketch from Key & Peele (“You done messed up, A-a-ron!”)
  • The song stylings of Brak from Space Ghost Coast to Coast
  • Random memories of random scenes from episodes that comprise roughly the first 10 seasons of The Simpsons
  • Finally, my favorite kid joke in the world (you have to say it out loud for it to be funny and/or make sense):
    How do you catch a unique rabbit? Unique up on it!
    How do you catch a tame rabbit? Tame way, unique up on it!

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