This Is So Meta

Have you guys seen this new commercial for Facebook/Meta? If not… here it is. If you’ve got about a minute to waste, give it a look.

Not sure how you can tell it’s a commercial for Facebook or Meta until you get to the end when both logos appear on screen.

I really have no love for Facebook these days. I mean, sure, I still have an account over there that I jump on sparingly. I mostly keep it to share blog posts if I think I have something to share with people I know. Not that it actually succeeds in drawing any traffic to my blog.

Anyway, as I was forced to sit through this commercial as I pulled up the latest episode of Big Sky on Hulu, all I could think was… Nice try, Zuckerberg! No one that young still uses Facebook!

Feature Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash


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