The Blogger Games – Week 1

The Blogger Games is brought to you this week and every week by The Captain’s Speech. Remember to ask your doctor if The Captain’s Speech is right for you!

Paul is brilliant when it comes to finding new ways to bring us all together as bloggers in the blogging community. This time it’s with (I assume) an Olympics-inspired series of games that will carry us through the next several weeks. Bear in mind that these Blogger Games are separate from The Captain’s Quiz which has occasionally popped up here and there and also there.

Each week, the Games will consist of multiple choice questions about Paul which follow specific topics. This week, the topic is food, something with which I think we can all agree that everyone is at least vaguely familiar. But how familiar are we with Paul’s food-related antics? Let’s find out, shall we?

For answering purposes, the answer I choose will be italicized.

1. At which restaurant did the waiter pour ice cubes down my back?
A) Red Lobster
B) Pizza Hut
C) Swiss Chalet
D) The Cheesecake Factory

2. Which of the following fell out of the bottom of a takeout container and onto the sidewalk?
A) Pasta
B) Noodles and Honey Garlic Chicken
C) Burger and Fries
D) Chicken Noodle Soup

3. Which condiment would I never put on a hot dog?
A) Relish
B) Ketchup
C) Mustard
D) Hot Peppers

4. Which is my favourite donut chain?
A) Krispy Kreme
B) Time Hortons (sic)
C) Coffee Time
D) Country Style

5. As a kid, I would make a “Saturday Night Drink” that consisted of: ice, lemon slices, and which soft drink?
A) Ginger Ale
B) Sprite
C) Coca-Cola
D) Diet Pepsi

6. Where did I eat watermelon for the first time?
A) After my softball game
B) Field Trip
C) Friend’s Birthday
D) In the street playing road hockey (snack break)

7. Which food did I mispronounce to a cafeteria worker at school?
A) Rhubarb Pie
B) Provolone Cheese
C) Falafel
D) Potato Wedges

8. Which dessert did I drop on the floor at a buffet?
A) Brownie
B) Cupcake
C) Ice Cream
D) Lemon Bar

9. Which of the following cereals have I never had?
A) Cinnamon Toast Crunch
B) Corn Flakes
C) Shreddies
D) Rice Krispies

10. When I got braces, which food did I start cutting in half before eating?
A) Crackers
B) Grapes
C) French Fries
D) Sandwich

My turn to share…
Paul says: Tell me about you and food. What do you like to eat? What don’t you like to eat? What foods are overrated? What condiments do you stay away from? Any fun food stories from your past?

Me and food, huh? We’ve had a somewhat tumultuous past, but I think things are on pretty solid footing these days. I’m referring, of course, to my teenage years when I dealt with anorexia. I didn’t so much get along with food then. These days things are fine. I love a good pizza. I hate peanut butter (and always have). I think chocolate overrated. I abhor mustard (but kinda love honey mustard, go figure). I honestly can’t think of any fun food stories from my past at this time. There’s the peanut butter pie incident, but that’s less fun than it is psychologically scarring.

That’s it for this installment of The Blogger Games. Be sure to follow The Captain’s Speech to see how other bloggers respond to Paul’s questions and to follow along with each week’s medal ceremony.

Feature Photo by Florian Schmetz on Unsplash


7 thoughts on “The Blogger Games – Week 1

  1. I might need to hire you to write my introductions because this one was phenomenal. Bold strategy picking B every time – let’s see how it works out for you. Thanks for doing this, I was starting to think no one had any interest.

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