Question of the Week #284

For an all-expenses-paid, one-week vacation anywhere in the world, would you be willing to tear the wings off a beautiful butterfly? If so, would you be troubled enough to enjoy your trip any less? What about stepping on a cockroach?

Sure… why not? I should value the life of one insect over another because it’s prettier? And if I’m awarded that trip for pulling the wings off a butterfly, I’m sorry… But I’m not gonna lose any sleep whilst in paradise over one dead butterfly. Judge me all you want, but it’s no different than killing the roach because you think it’s disgusting or killing that spider in the corner of the room because you’re terrified of it.

What about you? Would you pull the wings off a butterfly for that dream vacay? Let me know down in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Question of the Week #284

  1. I don’t know. Normally the death of a butterfly wouldn’t be a big deal to me, much like the spider or the roach you mentioned. Doing it for the intended reason, though, makes it seem cruel and sadistic somehow. That’s the way it hits me as I sit here thinking about it. I couldn’t do it. Maybe I’m getting soft in my old age 🙂

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