The Rest of April…

Okay… So the other day I decided to participate in the A to Z Challenge. It was definitely a last second decision on my part this year with no planning whatsoever.

In my lack of planning, I figured I would go ahead and do the A to Z Challenge on top of my usual blog posts: Movie Monday, Rewatch Tuesday, Sunday Scribblings Prompt Wednesday, Fiction Friday, Question of the Week Saturday, and, of course, Sunday Scribblings Response. Thursday’s usually my filler day, that’s why it’s not mentioned above.

Anyway… looking ahead I realized that’s a lot. So, I’m mostly gonna focus on the A to Z Challenge for the rest of the month. Sunday Scribblings will still happen because the Wednesday post is basically a copy/paste job and I’ll still want to have a post for Sundays, since that’s the day the A to Z Challenge rests each week.

Hope y’all are okay with that. Because I like that you all regularly stop by and see what’s going on here. If you’re not a fan of my A to Z Challenge theme, well, sorry for that, too. But I’ll get back to normal once we reach May.

Honestly, part of my reasoning for suddenly making this decision is because (tomorrow’s movie) Dead Poets Society is not streaming free and I don’t feel like paying extra at the moment. Plus I’d have been starting on a rewatch of a new show this week, so now seems a good time to take that break.

But come back tomorrow anyway for D day. I mean… it’s not D-Day in the historical context but… you get what I’m saying.

8 thoughts on “The Rest of April…

  1. Ooooo dead poet’s society is good!!! I hope you like it when you eventually see it!

    I think this is a good choice haha a to z is a lot of work when you’ve had lots of time to plan. Be kind to yourself and teach me more things! *hopes Iron man is for I* 😂

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  2. It’s your blog. Write whatever you want and however you want. I already admire you for the fact that you manage to post everyday and even when you’re sick. Thanks for this courtesy post giving us a heads-up of your plan though

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  3. Thanks for the head’s up! Hope you enjoy Dead Poets Society when you get around to watching it. D names are already swirling around in my head. If it’s who I’m thinking, then that will be 3 Superman villains in a row.

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