What, No Movie Post?

Yeah… about that…

No movie today. I was actually looking forward to seeing Into the Wild as planned. However, life is what happens when you’re busy making plans. I think that’s a John Lennon paraphrase. I’ll Google it later…

Anyway… no movie today. It’s been a busy work day for me and, as a bonus, my mom had knee replacement surgery this morning. She’s doing fine, thanks for asking. But once I was done with work this afternoon, I wanted to go by the hospital and visit with her since she’ll be spending the night there tonight. This puts me at home too late to both start a movie and keep up with a blog post about it.

This means that my list of Movies I’ve Never Seen will be pushed back by a week. Sorry if you’ve been trying to keep pace with me.

Looking back, I’m sure I should have taken time to watch the movie yesterday, which is often what I do with these movie each week. However, I didn’t and I could not have foreseen how busy my day would become today.

If it helps, I didn’t have time to eat anything today yet, either. I’m really hungry now and should probably wrap up this blog post so I can finally eat something. But I wanted to let you know why there would be no movie post today. That’s how committed I am to you. I’ve put off life sustaining food for you.

You’re welcome.


4 thoughts on “What, No Movie Post?

    • That was a struggle… It was strange because I found myself so hungry that I lacked the motivation to make anything and nothing seemed appetizing. Wound up heating up some leftovers from the weekend… nothing special.

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