Because today is Valentine’s Day, our Sunday Scribblings prompt for this week is Valentine. If you decide to write a post based on this week’s prompt, be sure to go back here and share your link so everyone can see how you interpreted things! Here’s what I did with it…

Recently, V over at #MillennialLifeCrisis confessed that she never received Valentines when she was a kid because, and I quote, “I wasn’t cool.”

This is criminal. First of all, V, you are cool. No… no… you’re awesome. Actually, I take that back. You’re not just awe-some. You’re awe-quite a bit. You’re awe-a whole darn lot. You deserve your very own Valentines. I offered to make you a card and I am a man of my word. But, I didn’t just stop at one. You have options.

First, we have a couple Valentines inspired by a classic episode of The Simpsons in which Lisa Simpson unwittingly encouraged the admiration of young Ralph Wiggum, resulting in hilarious and heartbreaking hijinks.

Next, a Valentine that is extra cheesy. And pepperoni.

Finally, something simple in honor of your Canadian heritage…

V, I hope that one of these Valentines is to your liking! Moreover, I hope your Valentine’s mailbox is never again neglected.

Class, it’s time for everyone to exchange Valentines. I expect you all to drop off a Valentine in V’s specially decorated shoebox. We’re making up for years of negligence on the part of her young classmates, so step it up!

Full disclosure regarding the above artwork… While, yes, I did draw and color each of these images, the only one I can claim originality with is the white maple leaf inside the heart. Not saying it’s never been done before, I just don’t think it’s something I’ve seen. Whereas the first two are clearly inspired by The Simpsons, as I mentioned. And I’m fairly certain I’ve seen that pizza Valentine at some point. That can’t be an original thought I had.

I love to draw, but don’t often take time to do it unless there’s a holiday or a birthday coming up. Several years ago I made the decision to stop buying greeting cards for people and just make them myself. The extent of my skill is limited to drawing only what I can see. I’m sure if I spent enough time practicing, I’d be able to reach the point where I could pull an image out of my mind and put it on the page. I’m just not that talented. As it is, I’ll just continue doing the best I can by getting ideas off he internet.

If you ever want to see some of the Christmas cards I’ve made for my young cousins, let me know. I also made my mom a Mother’s Day card last year where I drew David Bowie in Labyrinth, thanking her for not giving me away to the Goblin King when I was a baby. I don’t have a picture of that one, but she might still have it since she’s less likely to get rid of cards than I am.

Oh, that reminds me… Mom’s birthday is in a few days. Gotta make her a new card…

Thanks to everyone who participated this week and shared your links! Please visit their blogs, give them a follow, and take a look at how they interpreted the prompt.

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  2. For the Love of Books

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6 thoughts on “Valentine

  1. Cute Valentines. Sad to think that someone didn’t get a Valentine, although I remember not getting very many when I was in school either. Nowadays they make the kids give one to each person, no matter what. Saves a lot of little heartbreaks.

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