YouTube Spotlight: Reactors

I watch a lot of YouTube. Really, I’ve been hooked on YouTube for years. I’m not sure if I was really into subscribing to YouTube channels back when watching videos on my laptop was the only option or if it became a bigger deal when I learned I could access YouTube on my television.

Whatever the case, one of the earliest phenomena I learned enjoy were videos of people reacting to other videos. Yeah, I know how that sounds. But it can be pretty entertaining to watch someone’s reaction to a video that you yourself had a strong reaction to the first time you saw it.

For example… Remember “David After Dentist“? I know I sure do. If you don’t, you can watch right now…

I remember cracking up watching that video way back when I first discovered it. And it was kind of fun sometime later to see how other viewers responded to it and other internet classics like “Charlie Bit My Finger” and “Troops” the Star Wars/Cops mash-up that no one asked for and never knew we needed.

My first introduction to YouTube reactors came from Fine Bros. Entertainment, a group of channels that I’ve actually recently stopped following due to some questionable practices behind the scenes. I won’t get into that here… just know it was bad enough to make me want to stop supporting their business by giving them views. And I rarely take the time to click unsubscribe on anything. Which probably explains why I’m still getting emails from Bath & Body Works four times a week.

More recently, I’ve come across the trend of people recording themselves watching classic movies for the first time. These are regular people who are watching Star Wars, Back to the Future, Marvel movies, all for the first time in their lives.

After seeing some of these reaction videos, I realized that this is filling in a kind of void for me. See, I don’t figure I’m ever gonna have kids. So that means that I’ll never be able to show my offspring my favorite movies and watch their precious faces when they learn, for the first time, that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s father. But I can see the look on some random Millennials’ faces when they reach the climax of Empire Strikes Back. It’s almost touching.

Reactors are probably a dime a dozen these days. But they’re out there doing it. A lot of them might even be making real money doing this gig. Whether that’s through advertisements on YouTube or by setting up a Patreon account where they allow viewers to fund their little projects and give them perks… like being able to watch their full reactions to the entire movie.

See, for YouTube videos, they’re only allowed to show a certain amount of the movie they’re watching without violating copyright law. So if they have a Patreon they can provide those videos elsewhere to donors without fear of prosecution by Disney, who owns all the movies.

Peronally, I’m not sending any YouTubers my money. Uh… I have enough bills to deal with without promising ten bucks a month to someone who is just watching movies in their spare time. Though it does tempt me into starting my own reaction channel as a side hustle. I do enjoy watching the movies…

Reactors I am currently subscribed to include the following:

If watching other people watching movies is your thing, give these channels a look. And there are dozens of others out there doing the same thing.

Feature Photo by Victoria Heath on Unsplash


8 thoughts on “YouTube Spotlight: Reactors

  1. Recently I’ve seen people reacting to listening to well-known songs for the first time. For some reason I find that interesting, though I feel like their impromptu dancing as they listen is just out of awkwardness and not wanting to just sit still for 5 minutes.

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  2. I recently watched the video of the 2 brothers reacting to Phil Collins’ In the Air Tonight and it made my heart so happy.

    I watch FBE videos every now and then when I can’t find anything else so now I’m intrigued; what happened behind the scenes?

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  3. I’m going to have to disagree with you on this one. Reactors is just one big act. Similar to the unboxing phenomenon where they somehow react so drastically opening up a box lol. There are new ones now, where they show their parents’ reaction so it looks more authentic but these days everyone’s in on it, no matter what age. You can’t really tell any more. It’s all click bait because you just need people to click on the videos to get money. I am quite proud of my tiny $100 bucks I’ve made from my YouTube vids, when I was doing them years ago, from a few thousand views over about 3 years haha

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