When I Don’t Know What to Write About

I have a list.

Actually… I have several lists.

I keep an excel file with several pages full of blog post ideas. I mean, most of them aren’t so much ideas as an organized list of when certain posts need to be written and scheduled.

For example: one of those spreadsheet pages is nothing but Questions of the Week. One column has the full question written out. The next column has the date of the post that each question will match up with.

Another page keeps track of each of the movies I’ll be watching for those Top 100 Movies I’ve Never Seen.

And then there’s the one that has the random ideas for posts. That’s the spreadsheet where I jot down blog post ideas that I come up with in random moments. Things that I think might just make for an interesting post.

Some examples (and feel free to get to them before I do, should the spirit move you) are: What Has Quarantine Taught Me?; What if Dennis the Menace Grew Up Today; Where Are the Characters from Friends Today? Note, with that last one, it’s not about where the actors are or what they’ve done since Friends. It’s about where the characters would have wound up all these years later.

Those random posts are the kinds of things I would try to post on days like today. Days when I don’t have anything truly planned for the blog. But what if, even though I have a list of ideas, none of them are really inspiring me to write anything? What if I’m just creatively tapped out? What if I just have nothing of substance to offer?

I’m genuinely asking. Because these days are gonna come along. They’re days where I’m just not going to feel like writing anything. Yet I still love the idea that I’ve posted something every single day throughout this year. We’re so close to the end of 2020, I want to say I went 365 366 for 366. I almost forgot this was a Leap Year…


5 thoughts on “When I Don’t Know What to Write About

  1. This post, though you may view as a bit of a throw away, is very insightful. You keep a spreadsheet of blog ideas–I do not. I have a list on my phone I jot down ideas on. Currently there are maybe 5… I know some people that just keep dozens of drafts in their WP sites as their library of thoughts. Very interesting if you ask me.

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  2. Just start with a thought (whatever is in your head at the moment) and see where it goes. It’s kind of fun to see where your mind will take you. It’s been working for me and it is always a surprise to see where I end up. Sometimes those posts get the most attention even when I’m not entirely sure why.

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  3. Funny you should mention keeping a schedule, because I do the exact same thing. Since I review movies everyday, I can’t afford not to. I keep a Microsoft Word schedule for my eyes only. On it I keep track of everything I’ve ever reviewed and everything I will review in the future. Right now I’m scheduled all the way to 2025. But my schedule is very much subject to change at any time (this year especially).

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