Rewatching Buffy – Episode 141

Welcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show so many years ago.

Empty Places

  • Downtown Sunnydale is kind of a mess…
  • People are leaving town.
  • Buffy talks it over with Clem… who is also leaving town.
  • He’s worried about her, suggests that maybe she should skip town this time, too.
  • Down the road, Giles and Willow are talking with the police, who Willow has sort of bewitched into believing they’re with Interpol.
  • When they move on, the police look over a flyer about an escaped fugitive that may be in the area.
  • Faith, anyone?
  • At the hospital, Xander is still recovering from his severe eye trauma.
  • He jokes that he’s waiting for his other senses to kick up an extra 50%.
  • Buffy leaves Willow with Xander…
  • They try to keep things light, but the seriousness of the situation gets to Willow, but Xander begs her not to cry…
  • Anya and Andrew try to rally the Potentials in Buffy’s basement.
  • But they’re basically inconsolable after their recent crushing defeat at the hands of Caleb.
  • Kennedy and Amanda sneak up and talk to Faith about the lack of info on Caleb.
  • Dawn tries to ask Buffy about Xander… but Buffy has completely disconnected at this point.
  • Buffy is pretty tense with everyone at the moment and leaves Faith to peruse the police files that Giles and Willow got their hands on.
  • Buffy goes to the high school, which has now been abandoned.
  • She sits at her old desk and finds a framed picture of Season 2 her, Xander, and Willow.
  • Then in walks Caleb, mocking her tears.
  • He asks how Xander is doing, letting her know that whenever he’s up to it, he’s ready to finish the job…
  • Buffy threatens him if he goes near Xander.
  • Caleb is unafraid, tossing her desk across the room like it’s a throw pillow.
  • He gets in her face, taunting her some more, then she throws the first punch.
  • Seems like he could easily kill her, but he settles for throwing her through a window into the hallway and tells her he’ll see her later.
  • The First must want Buffy basically unharmed for the time being.
  • Back at the house, Dawn and Giles find a decent lead on Caleb while Andrew is being obnoxious.
  • In a photo taken at an old monastery, they find evidence that Caleb has been there…
  • A wall bears the mark of the ring that Caleb wears.
  • Giles sends Spike and Andrew to check the place out.
  • Meanwhile, Faith suggests taking the Potentials out to The Bronze to blow off some steam.
  • This place is pretty packed for a town that seemed to have begun a mass migration earlier that day.
  • Buffy comes home and isn’t thrilled about Giles sending Spike away, concerned that Giles doesn’t exactly have his best interests in mind.
  • And she’s also not thrilled about all the girls going to The Bronze.
  • Back at the vineyard, Caleb talks things over with Not Buffy.
  • Police show up at The Bronze and confront Faith.
  • But these officers are not interested in law and order… they want to just execute.
  • More victims of an overactive Hellmouth.
  • Faith has no problem taking care of herself outside while another blocks the Potentials from getting outside to help her.
  • Wackiness ensues and the girls all brawl with the cops.
  • Buffy shows up in time to see Faith beating the crap out of the last cop standing.
  • Buffy sends everyone but Faith home… then the two Slayers argue about how things are going.
  • On the road, Spike and Andrew discuss the culinary masterpiece that is the onion blossom.
  • Faith is hanging out on the front porch when Robin walks up for tonight’s briefing.
  • So they meet for the first time…
  • At the monastery, Spike and Andrew are attacked by a monk, but it turns out he’s got Caleb’s burned mark on his face… so probably not a fan of the guy.
  • Xander and Willow get home in time for the meeting.
  • Buffy breaks the news to everyone that they need to go back into the cellar at the vineyard.
  • That’s gonna go over really well with everyone.
  • Back at the monastery, the monk explains that they welcomed Caleb, not knowing the evil they were inviting in.
  • Caleb revealed a hidden room that the monks didn’t even know was there.
  • Inside the room, Caleb read an inscription that he didn’t like.
  • In his rage, he branded the monk and killed the rest of the order.
  • Spike is able to read it: “It is not for thee. It is for her alone to wield.”
  • Buffy understands that the bad guys go where the power is, which is why they’re guarding the vineyard.
  • Faith speaks against this plan… then Robin backs her up…
  • So does Giles.
  • Buffy is alarmed by everyone’s lack of trust in her, but she just told Giles that she couldn’t trust them.
  • The Potentials are all distrustful of her.
  • Even Willow is worried about Buffy’s judgment.
  • Buffy says it’s not a democracy… they need a leader.
  • Anya asks why that needs to be Buffy.
  • Rona asks why Buffy is in charge…
  • So Buffy says it’s because she’s the Slayer.
  • “Isn’t Faith a Slayer, too?”
  • But Faith isn’t necessarily on board to lead.
  • “I don’t know if I can lead, but the real question here is, can you follow?”
  • It all ends with Dawn putting the final nail in the coffin and telling her she needs to leave.
  • They can’t be together if they’re not united.
  • Buffy leaves without saying a word.
  • Faith follows her and tells her this isn’t want she wanted.
  • Buffy tells Faith not to be afraid to lead them… protect them.
  • Body count: No one died!

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