Rewatching Angel – Episode 87

Welcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.

Peace Out

  • In the sewer, our heroes kind of get their butts handed to them by Connor and the national guard.
  • Connor asks Wes about Angel…
  • Who is in another dimension, surrounded by some pretty scary monster types.
  • He waves the portal key in the air, which somehow scares them all away.
  • Connor seems ready to execute everyone, but Jasmine asks him to wait.
  • She wants him to bring them to her.
  • Maybe she wants to eat them.
  • Angel climbs a steep rock face, trying to reach a temple at the top.
  • The good guys arrive in Jasmine’s room.
  • She tells them she wishes it was in her power to bring them back into her fold.
  • Jasmine then tells them about the sewer creature’s world, how it was a trial run for what she has planned for earth.
  • She is ready to address the world via satellite.
  • The others plead with Connor… that Cordelia’s blood was supposed to break her spell and allow him to see the monster she really is.
  • Connor sees the truth… probably always has.
  • But he still serves Jasmine.
  • Angel reaches the temple and encounters the high priest.
  • The priest knows that Angel is there for Jasmine’s true name.
  • Connor locks up the team in the basement and reveals that he’s always seen Jasmine’s true appearance.
  • Wes asks Connor what Jasmine eats… since the creature in the sewer called her the Devourer.
  • The priest tells Angel that the Keeper is the only one who knows the name.
  • The Keeper is a more imposing figure.
  • The priest tells Angel that the Keeper will only say the true name with its last breath.
  • Before Jasmine’s broadcast, he asks her about Cordelia, thinking she may have eaten her.
  • Jasmine tells him that she’s where she needs her to be, that Jasmine has not eaten her.
  • She’s been moved to a secure location and is under constant guard.
  • Jasmine reminds Connor that their “guests” in the basement should be under constant guard, too.
  • He leaves her to feed on dozens of people as she prepares for her broadcast.
  • At the hotel, Connor is able to track down the guys who moved Cordelia.
  • He beats them into telling him where she is.
  • In the other dimension, the priest taunts Angel while he fights the Keeper.
  • The priest is accidentally killed, which Angel’s okay with since it shut him up.
  • In the cage, Wes talks things over and the gang figures out that Jasmine is powerless to kill Cordelia…
  • Maybe hurting Cordelia hurts Jasmine as well.
  • Connor goes into a church where he finds Cordelia inside a sanctuary that’s about to be walled up.
  • He’s stopped by a couple of police officers under Jasmine’s thrall.
  • But they’re powerless to stop Connor from entering the sanctuary, where he sees Cordy lying on the altar up front.
  • Sure enough, Jasmine devoured those dozens of people to give her enough power to enthrall the world on live TV.
  • Connor talks things over with the comatose Cordelia.
  • He’s still under the impression that Cordelia wanted to be with Connor, to have a family with him and to bring forth Jasmine.
  • Does he not understand that Jasmine was driving Cordelia’s body that whole time?
  • At the heart of it, Connor reveals that he just wants to rest… but he can’t.
  • He’s frustrated because Jasmine is able to purge everyone’s hate and anger, but not his.
  • He knows she’s a lie, but his whole life has been built on lies, so he was hoping this one was better than the others.
  • The man that Connor attacked tells Jasmine that he was forced to reveal Cordelia’s location.
  • Jasmine walks out to the hotel lobby to address the world.
  • She’s ushering in utopia.
  • The press conference is interrupted when Angel jumps through a portal with the Keeper’s head.
  • He opens its mouth and it speaks Jasmine’s true name, revealing the truth of what she is to the world.
  • Everyone runs… terrified of what they’ve seen.
  • Gunn manages to break the gang out of the cage and they leave the basement.
  • Out in the streets, people have completely lost it.
  • Jasmine reaches out to Connor telepathically.
  • Angel confronts Jasmine outside.
  • She’s still claiming she could have ended all war, poverty, disease, hunger…
  • She killed a few thousand to save billions.
  • But Angel comes back with, “Our fate has to be our own or we’re nothing.”
  • He tells her she could still help them make the world a better place, even if she has lost her powers.
  • Quietly, she tells him she hasn’t lost all her powers, then punches him hard enough to throw him off a bridge.
  • Then she throws a car on him.
  • But he rolls out of the way just in time.
  • She leaps down to face him again and they have a pretty decent fight before Connor arrives.
  • The rest of the team come up to the lobby to determine what happened.
  • They find the Keeper’s head and figure out that Angel must have succeeded.
  • They get ready to leave the hotel but are stopped suddenly when they open the door.
  • Jasmine confirms that Connor still loves her, and he says yes…
  • Then he punches through her torso, killing her.
  • Angel tries to talk to him, but he runs off.
  • Angel returns to the hotel to find the others…
  • And Lilah.
  • You know, dead Lilah… of Wolfram & Hart fame.
  • Body count: Humans – Not sure how many Jasmine ate…; Demons – 2; Former Powers That Be – 1

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