Rewatching Angel – Episode 86

Welcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.


  • Angel holds back the mob, allowing the rest of the team to get away down the fire escape.
  • Once they’re away, Angel bursts through the door and starts beating the crap out of Connor, with Jasmine’s followers closing in.
  • On the street, the rest of the gang wait in the car.
  • Suddenly, Connor falls onto the hood and Angel jumps down after him, tossing him onto the road.
  • Angel gets in the car and tells them to drive away, leaving Connor and Jasmine behind.
  • Connor wakes up in Jasmine’s room, just in time to watch as she magically devours a half dozen people.
  • She notices he’s awake and heals him.
  • Jasmine explains she’s not worried about Team Angel…
  • She’s growing closer to her followers and knows that they are many, whereas Angel and his team are few.
  • The gang has to stop and get gas and are immediately attacked by people speaking with Jasmine’s voice.
  • As they finish getting fuel, they speed away and Jasmine laughs… almost as if she’s enjoying the whole thing.
  • They get enough of a lead then abandon the car for the sewer tunnels.
  • Jasmine walks in as Connor is sitting with Cordelia.
  • They see how Angel was able to get blood to convert the others.
  • She asks Connor to leave her to have a moment alone with her mother.
  • While wandering through the tunnels, the gang reminisce about how good it felt to be under Jasmine’s thrall.
  • Fred talks about Jasmine asking her for a name.
  • Wes brings up the point that it’s odd how a creature of immeasurable age never had a name before now.
  • Suddnely, Angel falls through a false floor and the gang is confronted by someone new…
  • It’s a gang of kids… none of whom are under Jasmine’s control.
  • Then they hear… something…
  • When Connor returns to Cordelia’s room, she’s gone.
  • Jasmine explains that her blood is a danger to them all, so she’s where Jasmine wants her to be.
  • That’s not gonna sit right with Connor, whether he’s under Jasmine’s control or not.
  • The team follows the group of kids to their underground lair.
  • Angel uses their water to wash Connor’s blood off his fists, wiping his hands on one of their towels.
  • They decide to help these kids take out the monster they heard out in the tunnels.
  • Apparently it’s been picking off their crew one at a time.
  • Jasmine gets off the phone with the governor of California.
  • He’ll be dissolving his administration tonight, giving full power to Jasmine.
  • Jasmine describes the utopia she plans to build and she’s excited to have Connor by her side.
  • So… is Connor meant to be her father or her partner?
  • Ugh… I really don’t like this season.
  • Jasmine is concerned that Connor has not completely given himself over to her.
  • He’s holding on to his pain…
  • He agrees to give over his pain to her.
  • Down in the sewer, the leader of the kids’ gang, Golden, gets snatched up by the monster they’re hunting.
  • Angel vamps out in the fight to save Golden and scares one of the kids, Matthew, who runs to the surface.
  • In the confusion and chaos, Wesley gets taken by the creature, who throws him against the wall and claims, “We loved her first!”
  • Hmm… who could he be talking about?
  • Angel wants to track down Wes while Fred and Gunn go after Matthew.
  • He tells Lorne to take the others back to the fort, but Golden won’t let Angel go now, knowing he’s a vampire.
  • The creature is obviously talking about Jasmine.
  • And when Wesley refers to her as Jasmine, the thing seems to be pretty offended.
  • But then it says it has to get back to work…
  • Fred and Gunn get into it while searching for Matthew.
  • And can I just take a moment to express what an amazing actor Amy Acker is?
  • She’s incredible.
  • They make it topside, avoiding anyone under Jasmine’s thrall… which, at this point, is all of LA.
  • Meanwhile, Wes tries to get the creature talking and discovers it’s from another dimension.
  • It tells him to go visit, but warns that the air there will burn out his lungs pretty quickly.
  • Wes figures out it’s preparing a spell.
  • It explains that it’s performing blood magic… older than words.
  • Eventually, it’s clear that the creature thinks people are stupid to throw names about all the time… takes power away.
  • Wes figures out that Jasmine’s real name is the word she hates… it’s the word that will have power over her.
  • Fred and Gunn catch up to Matthew and try to get him back underground.
  • He starts to scream for help, so Gunn knocks him out to shut him up.
  • Wes tries to get the name from the creature, but it tells him that only the high priest keeps the name.
  • Just as it’s about to kill Wes, Angel arrives to save the day.
  • Gunn carries Matthew back into the underground lair… but it’s too late.
  • Matthew wakes up and begins laughing… Jasmine’s laugh.
  • Lorne, Fred, and Gunn take off, but they don’t get far before they’re confronted by the national guard and Connor.
  • Angel manages to kill the creature.
  • Wes leads Angel to the key to the creature’s homeworld.
  • Somehow, Fred, Gunn, and Lorne get away and find their way to Angel.
  • They seal off the creature’s lair while Wes figures out how to open the portal… with his blood.
  • Angel’s the only one who can go.
  • He’s afraid that, by going, he’s leaving his friends to die.
  • Connor kicks in the door, leaving them to fight.
  • Jasmine, back at the hotel, laughs as she gets cut and heals over and over again.
  • In another world, Angel is confronted by dozens of creatures like the one he just killed.
  • Body count: Humans – 6; Jasmine Worshiper – 1

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