Rewatching Buffy – Episode 140

Welcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show so many years ago.

Dirty Girls

  • A girl is being chased through the woods by the First Evil’s Harbingers.
  • She flags down an old pick up truck being driven by a priest (Nathan Fillion).
  • He gives her a ride and is friendly enough… at first.
  • She asks him to take her to Sunnydale.
  • He introduces himself as Caleb and she says her name is Shannon.
  • Suddenly the conversation turns…
  • He starts calling her a whore… she tries to get out of the truck while it’s moving and she’s locked in.
  • Caleb uses the truck’s cigarette lighter to heat up a ring, which he then uses to brand Shannon.
  • He tells her there’s a car coming up behind them and they’ll take her where she needs to go.
  • He wants her to deliver a message to the Slayer, then stabs her in the gut before whispering something we can’t hear.
  • Caleb shoves her out the door and Willow and Faith pull up to help her.
  • At Xander’s apartment, he has a late night talk with a Potential Slayer who’s scared of what’s coming.
  • The conversation turns sexual… and then another girl appears out of nowhere…
  • He’s concerned the others might hear them, but the girls sleeping in the living room are busy having a pillow fight.
  • Then he wakes up…
  • At the hospital, Willow and Faith watch as Shannon receives treatment.
  • Faith half-confronts Willow about everything going on with the First and no one giving her a heads up.
  • Willow is apologetic and Faith says it’s no big deal… she handled the one that came after her in prison.
  • Elsewhere, a girl runs through a cemetery and Spike catches up to her to knock her out.
  • Then Faith starts to fight Spike and he tries to talk her down, but it takes Buffy to break it up.
  • Faith still thinks Spike was attacking an innocent… vampire, who attacks Faith.
  • She takes down the vampire…
  • The exchange between the three of them is friggin’ priceless.
  • Buffy explains that Spike has a soul now.
  • Faith: “Like Angel?”
  • Spike: “I am nothing like Angel!”
  • I still love when Faith shows up… the dynamic between her and literally everyone is fantastic.
  • In an underground wine cellar, Caleb talks with the First in the form of Buffy.
  • These two are apparently pretty tight.
  • But this is the first time the First has revealed what Buffy looks like to Caleb.
  • He’s been doing things for the First Evil behind the scenes.
  • Turns out, he’s responsible for blowing up the Watchers’ Council.
  • Andrew is back in Storyteller mode to share an exaggerated version of Faith’s history.
  • He warns the Potentials to stay on guard around Faith… she’s a killer.
  • Uh… so are you, dude.
  • At school, Buffy stops by Wood’s office.
  • She meant what she said, that she has no time for his vendetta, but she needs him in this fight.
  • On a personal level, he tells her they’re good… then he fires her, effective immediately.
  • He does this because her focus is needed elsewhere… besides, most kids aren’t even showing up to school anymore and people are leaving Sunnydale.
  • At the house, Faith escapes to the basement to get away from the annoyance of Potentials.
  • She and Spike talk… he asks why she spent all that time in prison, even though she’s got the power to have walked away any time she wanted.
  • Faith confesses that she’s met Spike before… back when she switched bodies with Buffy.
  • Buffy comes down to the basement and the tension is palpable.
  • Dawn yells down the stairs that Willow just called from the hospital.
  • Buffy goes and talks to Shannon.
  • Shannon tells her that Caleb has something of hers.
  • Buffy gathers everyone in the living room to tell them about Caleb and her plan is to take the fight to him.
  • “He’s got something of mine? I’m gonna get it back. And you’re coming with me.”
  • Back in the cellar, Caleb talks to a young girl who claims she heard him preaching and was drawn to him.
  • He kills her…
  • But she’s not really some girl… she’s the First, who turns back into Buffy.
  • The First is having fun with Caleb, showing him girls he’s killed in the past.
  • We pick up little things about Caleb… like the fact that he’s a serial killer.
  • Buffy discusses the attack on Caleb with the team…
  • Xander points out the obvious, that this is probably a trap.
  • Buffy says she’ll only take the Potentials that have been with them longest, the rest will stay at the house with Giles and Willow.
  • Following a Harbinger, Buffy and Faith nearly get into it during their walk and talk.
  • They find the vineyard and head back to get the cavalry.
  • At the house, Xander is giving a last minute pep talk…
  • “Everything has eyes…” That’s foreshadowing…
  • He then tells all the Potentials that Buffy cares more about their lives than anything… they need to trust her.
  • Buffy leads them back to the vineyard and down into the cellar.
  • Doesn’t take long before the Bringers come out of the shadows to attack the good guys.
  • Enter: Caleb… and the fighting stops.
  • “I heard you had something of mine.”
  • Caleb laughs… “Well, I do now…” as he motions around the room at the Potentials.
  • He throws one punch which launches Buffy across the room.
  • The fight breaks out again and Caleb breaks Rona’s arm.
  • Faith and Xander bring the rest of the Potentials in as back up.
  • Caleb snaps the neck of one Potential…
  • Buffy tells Xander to get everyone out, they need to retreat.
  • Then Caleb stabs another Potential… one of the first to arrive…
  • Xander makes sure everyone gets out, but Caleb grabs him.
  • “You’re the one who sees everything… Let’s see what we can do about that.”
  • Caleb jams his thumb into Xander’s left eye.
  • Spike tackles Caleb, giving Buffy a chance to help Xander out of there.
  • Buffy surveys all the damage… so many allies in the hospital… scared Potentials at home…
  • All the while, Caleb’s voice goes on and on, sharing with the First his plan to kill them all.
  • Body count: Vampires – 1; Potential Slayers – 2

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