Rewatching Angel – Episode 85

Welcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.

The Magic Bullet

  • Everyone in Los Angeles is happy… polite…
  • Except for Fred…
  • She’s on the run as Gunn and Wes chase her.
  • Fred gets away by giving a girl her jacket… tells her Jasmine wanted her to have it.
  • Gunn and Wes lose Fred as she sneaks into the sewers.
  • People are clamoring to be near Jasmine and every room at the Hyperion is triple booked.
  • While Jasmine greets her adoring fans, Gunn and Wes get back with the bad news that they couldn’t find Fred.
  • They meet with Angel and Connor and it’s decided that Fred needs to be found and brought back alive so they can figure out why she rejected Jasmine’s love… and so that Jasmine can straighten her out.
  • Jasmine, meanwhile, chooses a couple of individuals to join her upstairs.
  • Fred stops by a book store where she’s looking for books on mass hypnosis.
  • The store owner has been exposed to Jasmine since her last visit, so he’s not as cooperative as before.
  • Connor and Angel are tracking Fred’s scent through the sewer, then they sense that Jasmine wants them back at the hotel.
  • Jasmine says they’re all becoming connected (Team Angel), and she wants to test that connection to find Fred.
  • She has them all join hands in a circle and close their eyes… to picture Fred…
  • Fred returns to the motel where she’s staying and an old woman recognizes her.
  • Suddenly everyone around her starts to stare at her… chase after her…
  • Jasmine’s hold over the people coming after her is so strong that a man crashes his car and still keeps coming after Fred, even though he’s on fire.
  • Jasmine’s hand is burned… because of the man on fire.
  • She tells them Fred got away, but now everyone who loves Jasmine knows what Fred looks like… nowhere for her to hide now.
  • For Jasmine’s followers, everyone is becoming connected.
  • Jasmine tells the others she needs to rest to focus on healing her hand.
  • Then she asks that they send up a pair of twins from the lobby to visit her.
  • Fred accidentally falls into a demon’s lair as she escapes more of Jasmine’s followers.
  • The demon reveals he’s on the run because of Jasmine.
  • He lulls Fred into a false sense of security, then attacks her… ’cause he eats humans.
  • She makes short work of him by burying a hatchet in his skull.
  • Fred’s hurt and decides to go back to that bookstore and tells the crowd that’s staring at her that she’s there… to come and get her.
  • Jasmine, Angel, and Connor arrive at the bookstore.
  • Jasmine rewards the store owner by revealing that Oswald acted alone in the assassination of JFK.
  • Fred steps behind the counter, where she knows the owner keeps his gun.
  • Jasmine tells Fred she loves her.
  • Fred says she’s sorry… but not to Jasmine… she hopes Angel can forgive her for what she’s about to do.
  • She pulls the gun, then shoots Jasmine, aiming so the bullet will pass through her shoulder and into Angel.
  • Angel is struck by the bullet and vamps out, leaping over Jasmine and at Fred, holding the gun to Fred’s neck.
  • Fred begs Angel to look at Jasmine…
  • Now he sees the truth.
  • Fred apologizes again…
  • And Jasmine realizes it’s her blood that causes the change in people.
  • Jasmine tells Connor that Angel is as dead to them as Fred.
  • Fred picks the gun back up and shoots Jasmine three more times, saying she loved her so much.
  • Angel takes Fred out the back and Jasmine realizes the blood needs to be cleaned up, but warns the store owner and Connor to stay away from it.
  • She then orders the owner to burn the building to the ground.
  • Jasmine and Connor return to the hotel and the others are concerned that Angel isn’t with them.
  • She tells them that Fred infected Angel.
  • Jasmine says that her kindness toward Fred opened the door for her hatred to turn Angel.
  • They must eradicate their hate.
  • Jasmine then chooses three more people to join her upstairs, taking Connor with them.
  • Gunn, Wes, and Lorne are resigned to the fact that if Jasmine says Angel has to die, then he has to die.
  • Fred regains consciousness and sees Angel more depressed than usual.
  • He misses her so much.
  • But he tells Fred she did the right thing by freeing him.
  • Fred begins to cry… She’s been so alone… and she’s not like him… not a champion.
  • They decide they need more of Jasmine’s blood… but there’s no way they’ll get near her now.
  • A bunch of people find Angel and Fred and begin to fight them.
  • Jasmine leads the three she chose into her room, then orders Connor to stand guard.
  • She tells the chosen ones to take off their clothes as she heals her wounds.
  • People visit Cordelia’s room, as if it’s a shrine…
  • When the last of her visitors leave, Angel and Fred sneak in.
  • They can’t get Jasmine’s blood, but they can access Cordelia’s.
  • The theory is that, since Cordelia was home to Jasmine for so long, their blood may work the same.
  • Angel kisses Cordelia and tells her he’s sorry.
  • But as he lowers the knife to make a cut, Cordelia grabs his wrist.
  • Fred warns Angel that people in comas sometimes do strange things… doesn’t mean they’re waking up.
  • Inside Jasmine’s room, a glow can be seen and Connor just kind of bathes in the glow from outside.
  • Lorne interrupts while Angel and Fred bleed Cordelia, thinking they’re just other followers paying respects.
  • But then he sees the blood and Angel stops him from alerting the others.
  • Jasmine emerges from her room, still glowing.
  • Connor asks what happened to the other people…
  • “I ate them.”
  • And she says it like she’s talking about a handful of chips she had in a bowl at a party.
  • Connor’s response? “Cool.”
  • I really hate that kid.
  • Lorne, now free of Jasmine’s thrall, is the one who will lure Gunn and Wesley away.
  • Now the whole team, minus Connor, is free.
  • They’re all depressed, but they’re determined to figure out a way to stop Jasmine.
  • Angel says he’s not leaving the hotel without his son.
  • Wes volunteers to get him… “I’ve kidnapped him before.”
  • They cut his chest with a knife then rub Cordelia’s blood in the wound.
  • It takes a moment, but he calms down.
  • It seems like he’s on board with the rest of them… but then he opens the door to the room they’re in and shouts that they’re here.
  • Body count: Demons – 1; Humans – 3 (I know others were chosen by Jasmine, but the last three were the only ones who were confirmed to have been eaten by her.)

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