What I Thought of DC Fandome

Warning: This will be one of the geekiest posts I have ever written. I will not apologize for it. You have been warned.

Kids, this weekend the folks over at DC Entertainment presented their big deal virtual replacement of Comic Con with DC Fandome. With COVID-19 being what it has been this year, the annual geek mecca that is San Diego Comic Con didn’t really happen. I mean, there were some panels that still happened via Zoom and Skype calls, but it wasn’t anything near the epic event that has been for so many years.

When it was announced that Comic Con would not be happening in the traditional sense, due to the global pandemic, DC decided that they would just go ahead and do their own thing. Initially, from what I understand, it was planned to be a virtual convention with multiple panels occurring simultaneously. The big stuff would be happening in a virtual Hall of Heroes while other, small panels would be held in other virtual meeting places.

But with so much being planned for the Hall of Heroes panels, DC decided to split things up a bit. This weekend, we only got Hall of Heroes presentations, focusing on the huge tentpole franchises that were being plugged. Coming up in a few weeks, the DC Fandome will open back up with the other smaller virtual halls for panels devoted to less popular events.

Overall, I was impressed by this entire undertaking and would honestly love to see other companies/studios do something similar in the future. In recent years when big announcements are made at Comic Con, I’ve had to wait until someone on YouTube decided to report on said announcements. With events like Fandome, I get to watch the entire thing for free. Not too shabby.

Now, Fandome went on for 24 hours. But… all of the original programming happened in the first eight hours. Which means that everything was on repeat after 9:00pm Saturday night. But I sure did keep my laptop open to the Fandome website all afternoon and evening so that I would make sure not to miss a single thing.

So what were the big moments?

  • We got a brand new trailer for Wonder Woman 1984, which still looks phenomenal.
  • We got a trailer for a new video game set in Gotham City where Batman is allegedly dead and his proteges take over for him. The game is called Gotham Knights and spotlights Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood, and Robin.
  • We got a look at some concept art from the upcoming Flash movie, which gives the Flash a brand new suit that isn’t as clunky as the version he wore in Justice League.
  • We got a lot of info about The Suicide Squad which has a massive cast. We’ve been warned not to get too attached to a lot of them. Which means that a lot of the characters may actually live up to the name of the movie.
  • We got a decent look at what can be expected from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Black Adam which has been in development for over a decade. This is a character that has very close ties to Shazam and is a complex anti-hero that I’m kind of looking forward to seeing as the story gets fleshed out.
  • Speaking of Shazam! We got… well… not a lot from the folks at Shazam. But they did reveal the title of the upcoming sequel which will be called Shazam: Fury of the Gods. So there’s that.
  • We got a quick look at what’s coming for Aquaman 2, but that was really just eavesdropping on a conversation between director James Wan and Patrick Wilson, who played Ocean Master in the first film. So not a lot of news there.
  • In other Suicide Squad news, there is a video game coming in 2022 from the makers of the Batman: Arkham series. It’s titled Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and it looks like you can be one of four squad members: Harley Quinn, Deadshot, King Shark, or Captain Boomerang. The trailer sets things in Metropolis where it looks like Brainiac has taken over. And we see what looks like a mind-controlled Superman that needs to be taken out. Hmm…
  • Toward the end of the day, they got to their really big reveals. One of which was the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League, which is due to hit HBO Max at some point next year. I can’t say I’ve been one of the fans that have been fighting for this version, even though I do think the theatrical cut that Joss Whedon gave us was a mess. But I am excited to see what Snyder originally planned for this movie, which will air in four 1-hour installments.
  • Finally, Matt Reeves arrived with a teaser trailer for The Batman staring Robert Pattinson in the title role. For having only shot about 25% of the film prior to being shut down by COVID, the trailer looks pretty awesome.

So what did I take away from DC Fandome overall? I mean, hey, I’m excited for a lot of the stuff I saw on there. I can’t wait for Wonder Woman 1984 and I really don’t care if theaters are operating normally in October or not, I just want to see it. The video games they presented look pretty good and I look forward to giving them a try when they’re released.

But I couldn’t help but notice a distinct absence of Superman throughout the event. No… I know… Superman showed up in the Suicide Squad game. But he’s basically a bad guy. He’s someone that the player is gonna have to fight against. It’s not a Superman game… Besides, we’ve already done the evil Superman thing with Injustice, haven’t we?

Sure, Superman shows up in Justice League, but what’s his role really gonna be in Zack Snyder’s version? We got glimpses of him in the black suit, which looks awesome, BTW. But what happens to his character in this version? Does he go dark side to serve Darkseid? We really won’t know until next year sometime.

What really sticks out to me is that Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Shazam, and even Suicide Squad are all getting sequels before we even haven an announcement about a follow up to Man of Steel. I know the argument can be made that Batman v. Superman was a sequel to Man of Steel, but was it really? Batman gets top billing in the Superman sequel? I don’t think so. At least Captain America’s name was in the title of Civil War, which was basically Avengers 2.5. If it had been called Iron Man v. Captain America, would we have considered it a follow up to Winter Soldier? I don’t think so.

Why they gotta crap on Superman all the time?

Whatever… I’m not bitter…


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