Rewatching Buffy – Episode 135

Welcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show so many years ago.

The Killer in Me

  • Giles is taking the Potentials into the desert for a vision quest.
  • Note: Giles is still not actively picking anything up with his own hands on-screen…
  • The only Potential staying behind is Kennedy because she’s “sick.”
  • Buffy heads to the basement to visit Spike, who’s still chained to the wall.
  • He did this to himself as a precaution.
  • He doesn’t trust himself around the Potentials unless Buffy’s right next to him.
  • Out of nowhere, his brain chip starts firing.
  • Willow takes tea to the “sick” Kennedy who is clearly not sick.
  • She claims she has her own mission and needs Willow’s help.
  • Sure… at the Bronze.
  • Conversation turns to Willow’s relationship with Tara.
  • Buffy checks on Spike and they speculate about what could be happening.
  • Spike says the chip was probably not meant to last this long.
  • Buffy attempts to get in contact with Riley, but isn’t too sure she’s calling the right place.
  • After a night out, Willow and Kennedy get back to the house and wind up kissing.
  • And somehow, Willow transforms…
  • Into Warren.
  • She’s still Willow… but Kennedy sees Warren.
  • And so does Willow when she looks in the mirror.
  • Running downstairs, everyone freaks out thinking the First has returned.
  • Buffy punches Warren, which proves he’s not the First… and they hear Willow out.
  • Willow thinks she may have brought this on herself… a subconscious guilt spell.
  • She wants to try and take care of this herself, but Kennedy follows her.
  • Willow’s looking for help reversing the spell.
  • She tells Kennedy she tried reversing it herself, but something is blocking her.
  • Buffy takes Spike to an old entrance to the Initiative, hoping to find some info about the chip.
  • At the house, Xander takes a call from Robson, the Watcher that Giles found earlier in the season.
  • Robson blacked out just as a Harbinger was about to bring an ax down on Giles’ head.
  • When Robson came to, Giles was gone.
  • So… could this mean that Giles is dead and the Giles they’ve known this season has actually been the First.
  • No one can remember seeing Giles pick anything up… no one can remember hugging Giles…
  • Told you they were being very careful about Giles not really touching anything.
  • Xander, Anya, Dawn, and Andrew decide to drive out to the desert to confront “Giles.”
  • Willow interrupts a group of wiccans at UC Sunnydale who have started taking things a lot more seriously than they did back in Season 4.
  • Amy is there and can sense that Warren really is Willow.
  • She apologizes to Willow about the way she was last year and that she’s been working things out and trying to be better.
  • Amy tries a spell to change Willow back, and when it doesn’t work, she slaps Amy…
  • But it was Warren… his personality is taking over.
  • Willow is becoming Warren.
  • Down in the Initiative, Buffy and Spike explore.
  • She’s disgusted to see that the powers that be just left all the bodies after that whole kerfuffle with Adam.
  • They make their way to the med lab and it kind of seems like they’re not alone.
  • Suddenly, they’re attacked in the darkness by a demon.
  • After Willow stormed out, Kennedy heads back to talk to Amy.
  • Amy tells Kennedy that Willow will be okay, then accidentally mentions the fact that Kennedy is a Potential Slayer… a fact that Kennedy never mentioned.
  • Meanwhile, Willow is at a gun shop, picking out the same type of gun that Warren previously purchased.
  • In the desert, Xander and Anya tackle Giles, proving he’s corporeal and, therefore, not the First Evil.
  • Underground, the attacking demon separates Spike from Buffy, but she manages to track them down and slay the demon.
  • Suddenly the flood lights come on and they’re surrounded by soldiers who offer to help with anything she needs, as directed by Agent Finn.
  • They examine the chip and find that it has degraded, that it wasn’t meant to last this long.
  • If they leave it, the chip will prove fatal to Spike.
  • Buffy is given the decision: they can either repair the chip or remove it.
  • Kennedy confronts Amy about what she’s done to Willow and why.
  • Amy explains that the hex she cast on Willow allows the subconscious of the victim choose the form of their punishment.
  • She says it’s not about hating Willow… it’s about power.
  • Amy is clearly jealous of how easy the power came to Willow.
  • She’s also jealous of how, even though Willow turned evil and nearly destroyed the world and people still love her as if nothing happened.
  • Amy zaps Kennedy to Buffy’s back yard where Willow is about to re-enact the scene where Warren shot Buffy and killed Tara.
  • Kennedy talks Willow/Warren down at gunpoint.
  • Willow breaks down, feeling guilty for kissing Kennedy and feeling like she let go of Tara’s memory.
  • Kennedy kisses Willow again, returning her to normal.
  • Body count: Demons – 1

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