Rewatching Angel – Episode 77

Welcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.


  • Connor is out fighting out of town vamps who have come to party in LA’s eternal darkness.
  • He fairly easily stakes all three.
  • Cordelia gives Wesley the jar with Angel’s soul and we watch him lock it in the hotel safe.
  • They talk about the seriousness of what they’ve done.
  • Angelus will want to try and escape.
  • Cordelia points out that they are all Angel’s link to humanity, so Angelus will hate them for that.
  • Meanwhile, Angelus is down in his basement cage… singing.
  • Wes is the first to go down and visit Angelus.
  • Angelus taunts Wes for a bit, then they get into the discussion on the Beast.
  • Angelus doesn’t know why Angel can’t remember his encounter with the Beast.
  • So then he starts taunting Wes on the topic of Fred and Gunn.
  • Nice that everyone upstairs can see and hear thanks to the camera installed in the basement.
  • Doesn’t take long for Angelus to run through all of Wesley’s failures over the years… Faith, Lilah, kidnapping Connor…
  • He asks Wes what he thinks is worse… kidnapping the kid or sleeping with him like Cordelia did.
  • Another thing everyone heard.
  • Connor comes inside and warns everyone that vampires are coming from all over.
  • He’s exhausted, saying there are just too many of them out there.
  • Can I just say… I freakin’ love Angelus.
  • This season, overall… meh…
  • But when Angelus is around, it’s awesome.
  • Fred and Gunn take Angelus some blood and he uses the lapse in caution to grab Fred.
  • Wes manages to get in and hit Angelus with a couple of tranquilizer darts.
  • Everyone survives… for now.
  • Cordelia lets Connor know that everyone knows about what they did thanks to Angelus.
  • Connor still can’t separate Angel from Angelus.
  • Fred goes to thank Wesley alone and he winds up kissing her.
  • Gunn doesn’t catch him, but knows what happened… and things explode.
  • Downstairs, Angelus laughs.
  • Wes and Gunn come to blows and in the scuffle, Gunn accidentally hits Fred.
  • While they’re all distracted, Connor goes down to visit Angelus.
  • Seriously, every time Angelus opens his mouth he’s psychologically torturing everyone he contacts.
  • He’s the one in the cage, but the rest of the team are the real victims.
  • Connor tells Angelus that Angel is just something that he’s forced to wear… that Angelus is his real father.
  • He’s goading Angelus into confrontation, even crossing the painted red line.
  • Cordelia comes down and tells Connor to go upstairs.
  • Angelus calls him a mama’s boy as he complies with her.
  • Once she’s alone with Angelus, she turns off the camera.
  • She offers herself in exchange for information on the Beast.
  • Angelus tells her that Wes was better at buttering him up.
  • But he apparently agrees… because Cordelia tells Wesley he’s ready to talk.
  • Angelus was traveling through Prussia and came across a massacre left behind by the Beast.
  • The Beast had been watching Angelus and staged the carnage to impress him.
  • The Beast needed Angelus to kill some priestesses who were planning to banish him from this dimension.
  • Angelus declined and before the Beast could kill him, the priestesses arrived and banished the Beast.
  • The gang does some digging on these priestesses and find that they just happen to be in the greater Los Angeles area.
  • Isn’t that convenient?
  • No one answers the door, Wes, Connor, and Cordelia let themselves in.
  • They’re too late… the entire family has been slaughtered.
  • Cordelia asks how the Beast knows exactly what they’re going to do…
  • Good question… for another episode…
  • Connor runs out of the house… sick… not because of the bodies.
  • Because of the family…
  • While they’re outside, Cordelia and Connor are attacked by more vampires.
  • Connor kills two of them and Wesley gets out there to drive them away.
  • When they get back to the hotel, they decide that, since Angelus can’t help them, it’s time to bring back Angel.
  • Cordelia goes down to break the news that, since his information really didn’t pan out, Angelus gets nothing.
  • Wesley opens the safe to retrive Angel’s soul…
  • It’s gone.
  • Body count: Vampires – 5

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