Rewatching Buffy – Episode 134

Welcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show so many years ago.


  • Two potentials patrol in the cemetery.
  • Spike attacks… because it’s a training exercise.
  • Buffy tells the potentials that they have the potential when it comes to Slayer speed, strength, and skill.
  • But for now, if their instincts tell them to run, they need to run.
  • They also need to understand a vampire’s instinct is to hunt and kill for survival.
  • Back in Buffy’s basement, Buffy informs the newbies that Anya’s sources are saying the First is in remission.
  • Which means the First could be regrouping after the loss of the Ubervamp.
  • Which also means the First could come back stronger than ever when it makes its comeback.
  • Buffy’s back to work at the school and she meets with a student named Amanda.
  • She wants to know if people ever think Buffy’s weird, because she feels like she’s weird.
  • Partly because Amanda is being picked on and one of the guys picking on her, she thinks he’s cute.
  • Then Buffy begins to over identify, what with her complicated Spike relationship.
  • Back at home, Willow informs Buffy that the coven’s seers have located another potential in Sunnydale.
  • Among the potentials, Dawn is obviously feeling left out.
  • Andrew’s feeling left out, too.
  • While Buffy takes the potentials out again, Willow puts together a locator spell that should find the new potential in town.
  • Willow explains to Dawn and Andrew that the spell will conjure a glowing light that will track the potential and cause her to glow temporarily.
  • Turns out the spell smells awful, so Dawn runs to open the front door to get some air.
  • Then the glowing light flies at Dawn, throwing her against the door.
  • And Dawn is glowing.
  • So Dawn is a potential Slayer?
  • Of course she is… the monks who created her back in Season 5 did so utilizing the DNA of the Slayer.
  • Dawn isn’t sure how to take this new bit of info.
  • She realizes that Buffy has to die for Dawn to ever be considered the Slayer.
  • But I don’t get that…
  • All this talk of Buffy needing to die for the next Slayer to be called.
  • Have we forgotten about Faith?
  • Buffy died once (but was brought back with CPR)… Kendra was called.
  • Kendra died at Drusilla’s hands… Faith was called.
  • Faith turned evil and is currently seeking atonement in a California prison.
  • Buffy died again (but was brought back by magic)… no other Slayers were called.
  • The line of Slayers currently ends with Faith.
  • When Faith dies, that’s when the next Slayer will be called.
  • Buffy can die and come back a hundred times, as long as Faith is still around, all those potentials are just potentials.
  • Dawn goes upstairs to sort all this out in her head, but the conversation continues downstairs and pretty much disturbs her.
  • She sneaks out her window…
  • Buffy and Spike take the potentials to a demon bar where they run into Clem.
  • Makes for a pretty funny scene…
  • Dawn’s out for a walk and runs into Amanda from school.
  • Dawn sees that Amanda has a cut on her forehead and convinces her to tell her what happened.
  • Amanda had been hanging out at the school after some extra curricular activities.
  • She describes being attacked by a vampire.
  • Amanda trapped the vampire in a room at the school and escaped.
  • She was thinking about trying to find Buffy, because she’s heard rumors that the school counselor can help with this kind of thing.
  • But since Buffy’s busy, Dawn goes with Amanda to take care of the problem.
  • They sneak back into the high school and head to the classroom where the vampire is allegedly trapped.
  • Dawn opens the door… with no weapons.
  • Stupid.
  • She realizes the door is unlocked, meaning the vampire must have gotten out.
  • But the camera pans up and we see the vampire clinging to the ceiling, looking down and ready to attack.
  • The girls get away, but the vampire is close behind.
  • Dawn manages to hit him with a fire extinguisher, giving them another head start.
  • But they foolishly run back upstairs instead of trying to find an exit.
  • Meanwhile, Buffy takes the potentials to an empty vampire nest and has them look around for clues.
  • They find a body that turns out to be a vampire that’s just rising for the first time.
  • Dawn and Amanda get into the chem lab and barricade the door, but not very well.
  • Buffy fights the vampire as part of another lesson for the potentials while Spike holds Kennedy back from helping.
  • Then Buffy and Spike lock the potentials in the nest with the vampire.
  • Back at the school, the other vampire breaks into the lab and Dawn fights while Amanda hides.
  • Dawn nearly succeeds in killing the vampire with a flag staff, but then the vamp gets the upper hand.
  • Amanda is too afraid to help, but then the vampire is distracted when three Harbingers crash into the windows.
  • They ignore the vampire and Dawn, going straight for Amanda.
  • With the vampire distracted, Dawn is able to ignite the gas at one of the lab stations, distracting the Harbingers.
  • Dawn and Amanda run and Dawn tells her that she has the ability to fight vampires.
  • As they’re attacked by the Harbingers and vampire again, Buffy, Spike, Xander, and Willow rush in.
  • Together, they take down the Harbingers while Amanda stakes the vampire.
  • The next day, at the house, all the potentials talk about the rush of killing a vampire.
  • I think we can assume the others killed their vampire in the nest.
  • Seeing Dawn slightly disappointed, Xander gives her a pep talk.
  • He understands what it means to be powerless amongst all these powerful figures fighting the forces of evil.
  • He was impressed with Dawn handing over the title of potential without a moment’s hesitation.
  • Xander sees more than anyone will ever realize because no one is watching him.
  • He tells Dawn that she’s not special. She’s extraordinary.
  • Tear.
  • “Maybe that’s your power… Seeing. Knowing…”
  • Body count: Harbingers – 3; Vampires – 2

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