Rewatching Angel – Episode 75

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Long Day’s Journey

  • Angel sketches the Beast and Lorne comes in for a visit, giving him a hard time for brooding.
  • Lorne also reveals he knows about Connor and Cordelia, but tells Angel that, when all’s said and done, Connor will still be his son.
  • Elsewhere, Gwen Raiden (the electric girl) meets with a client who is killed by the Beast right in front of her.
  • The Beast removes some kind of relic from the client’s abdomen, then vanishes before Gwen can retaliate.
  • Connor is restless at his place and confronts Cordelia about why they haven’t gone back to the hotel.
  • She admits that Angel knows they slept together and he’s pissed about it.
  • Cordelia has a quick vision of the Beast, but she doesn’t tell Connor what she saw, just says she has to see Angel.
  • Wesley has discovered that the little girl in the White Room has cut off the Senior Partners from earth for the time being.
  • The little girl was also a totem of the Egyptian sun god, Ra.
  • There are supposedly five of them…
  • Lorne comes in with news that another totem has been killed by the Beast.
  • Cordelia knocks on Angel’s door and he tells her to go away, but she comes in anyway.
  • First, she tells him to get over it… the hurt he’s feeling because of what she did.
  • Because bad things are gonna get worse.
  • Then she tells him about her vision.
  • She felt like she was inside someone else’s body, talking to the Beast.
  • She couldn’t tell who she was or where she was or when she was.
  • Angel rallies the troops and they’re interrupted by Gwen.
  • She wants to know if the world is about to end, then tells them about her client.
  • The gang realizes that this is the third totem.
  • One of the remaining totems lives in a cave in Death Valley, so Angel takes Gwen to protect it.
  • They get their and realize they’re too late.
  • Four down…
  • Angel wonders aloud about why the Beast is killing these totems.
  • They’re interrupted by a guy in a Hawaiian shirt who claims that the Beast wants to turn off the sun.
  • Hawaiian shirt guy introduces himself as Manjet, or Manny, the final totem.
  • He was supposedly in Belize, but he made his way to LA when he heard about the girl in the White Room.
  • With the sun blotted out, LA becomes a demon hot spot, 24/7.
  • But LA would just be the start.
  • Eventually, the sun would go out globally, making the world the devil’s playground.
  • Gwen knows about a place that should be safe for Manny, so the gang takes him to her swanky safe house where she has a panic room.
  • Gwen and Gunn take first shift in guard duty, and she’s able to pick up on his relationship problems.
  • Cordy and Angel take over the next shift, which thrills Angel.
  • She offers to talk, but he’s really not willing.
  • Suddenly, Angel and Cordelia are being woken by Gwen and Gunn.
  • They open the panic room and Manny is way dead.
  • The Beast is five for five.
  • “The answer is among you…” said the little girl in the White Room.
  • Someone spiked Cordy and Angel’s drinks, which they made themselves, and allowed the Beast to sneak in unseen and unheard.
  • Gwen checks surveillance, but the electricity for the video feed was cut 10 minutes before Cordelia and Angel’s watch began.
  • Gwen suggests that this was an inside job…
  • Someone knew when Angel’s watch began and knew whose drinks to spike.
  • Wes and Fred have researched and figured out that a portal could take care of the Beast, which doesn’t make Gunn very happy.
  • Cordelia has another vision, expanding on the first.
  • She sees a massacre… lots of people dead and dying all around the Beast on the ground.
  • Whoever the Beast was talking to, it’s someone familiar.
  • Angel assumes it’s Connor, so Cordelia says it’s time to bring him in on all this.
  • At Connor’s place, there’s a knock at the door.
  • The Beast has arrived.
  • Hey, at least he’s polite about visiting.
  • Usually he just barges in and punches holes in people’s chests.
  • Connor goes on the offensive and gets thrown out the window, landing four stories down right in front of Angel’s car.
  • The team rushes up to Connor’s apartment to try and stop the Beast from performing the ritual.
  • Cordelia stays with Connor on the street and has another vision.
  • This time she hears the Beast’s voice…
  • Connor notices things outside are getting dimmer.
  • The ritual is working.
  • Angel manages to knock the Beast into some kind of portal conjured by Wes and Fred.
  • But it’s too late.
  • The sun is blotted out.
  • The Beast reappears and reveals that he knows Angelus.
  • He then swallows the blackened orb from the ritual, then leaves.
  • Cordelia’s vision shows that Angelus has encountered the Beast before.
  • So now they think “The answer is among you” is about Angelus.
  • It’s possible that the Beast is using Angel as a sleeper agent.
  • Wes suggests that the only way they can determine how to defeat the Beast is to reawaken Angelus.
  • Body count: Totems – 3

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