A to Z Challenge – Oliver & Company

Oliver and Co - PosterOliver & Company


Directed by George Scribner

Quick synopsis… Oliver, a feisty young cat, explores New York in this animated classic featuring unforgettable songs performed by Billy Joel, Huey Lewis, and Bette Midler. Joined by hilarious characters, Oliver knows he’s found lifelong friends and a real home.

  • Once upon a time in New York City…
  • Oliver (Joey Lawrence) is one of a litter of kittens that are being given away in a box on the street.
  • Unfortunately, he’s the only one not picked by some kid.
  • And when a rainstorm destroys the box he’s been living in, he’s forced to become a stray cat.
  • It isn’t long before Oliver comes across Dodger (Billy Joel), who helps the cat steal some hot dogs from a street vendor.
  • Except Dodger is really just in it for himself.
  • But he’s cool about it, indicated by his theme song, “Why Should I Worry?”
  • Dodger hooks Oliver up with his crew: a gang of strays that stay with a pickpocket named Fagin.
  • Turns out, they help Fagin try to get money each day to pay back Sykes, a loan shark.
  • In one of the gang’s schemes to get money from a limousine, Oliver winds up in the home of Jenny, who is lonely while her parents are away on vacation.
  • Also in the home is Georgette (Bette Midler), an award-winning poodle, who is not happy that Jenny has adopted this stray cat.
  • When Dodger and the others “rescue” Oliver from Jenny’s home, Fagin decides to send a ransom note, hoping it’ll take care of what he owes Sykes.
  • When Fagin realizes he’s trying to blackmail a little girl, he changes his mind.
  • But by then it’s too late and Sykes decides to kidnap Jenny and hold her for ransom instead.
  • Oliver and company manage to rescue Jenny and Sykes winds up having a head on collision with an elevated train.
  • All’s well that ends well, and we get one more rousing chorus of “Why Should I Worry?” before the credits roll.

A to Z Challenge - OThanks for stopping in while I participate in this year’s A to Z Challenge. I’m gonna keep on hitting these Disney movies each day, except Sunday. You’re welcome to come back for more if that’s the kind of thing you’re into.

Tomorrow’s movie begins with a P and is a true Disney classic in every sense of the word. It’s a live action dramedy that stars Hayley Mills and Hayley Mills. Any guesses?

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