Rewatching Buffy – Episode 124

buffy-titleWelcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show so many years ago.

Beneath You

  • In Frankfurt, Germany, a leather-clad girl with pink hair runs for her life.
  • She’s being chased by those same hooded ne’er-do-wells that were chasing that girl in Istanbul last week.
  • Pinkie fares about as well as Istanbul girl, too.
  • But as she dies, she cryptically says, “From beneath you it devours.”
  • Then Dawn wakes Buffy from the dream… in which she witnessed this girl’s death.
  • Buffy says there are more out there… and they’re gonna die.
  • Elsewhere in Sunnydale, the earth shakes and the town is either being invaded by one of those graboids from Tremors or Bugs Bunny took a wrong turn at Albuquerque again.
  • In the school basement, Spike stalks a rat.
  • Guessing he’s a bit hungry.
  • He feels the tremor and it distracts him… he says he’s hardly ready before he begins screaming.
  • Xander is driving the Summers girls to school.
  • Xander says he hopes the kids at the school appreciate that they have a Slayer and friend looking out for them… “I know I sure did.”
  • Principal Wood shows Buffy to her desk and encourages her to mostly be willing to listen.
  • Buffy does ask the question I have… Why does she have this job without a college degree.
  • Wood says these students need someone around who can understand them.
  • When she’s free to roam, Buffy heads down to the basement looking for Spike.
  • Back in England, Willow sits on her suitcase, unsure if she’s ready to go home.
  • Giles tells her it’s fear that’s keeping her from going home… so Willow suggests staying in England until they can get that fear in check.
  • Mostly she’s afraid that her friends won’t take her back.
  • Giles can’t guarantee that she’ll be welcomed back to Sunnydale with open arms.
  • “I can’t promise you’ll be wanted. But you will be needed.”
  • A woman is walking her dog… which is apparently eaten by a graboid.
  • So… not Bugs Bunny.
  • She runs off and runs into Xander, who takes her to see Buffy.
  • Her name is Nancy and she’s having a hard time believing she saw what she saw, even though she’s heard the stories about weird things happening in Sunnydale.
  • Buffy tells Nancy not to worry, that they’ll figure out what’s going on.
  • And then Spike shows up in the living room.
  • Uh… soul or no soul… why didn’t they uninvite him when he tried to rape Buffy?
  • I mean… I guess things got busy with Willow turning evil and since she’s been in England since then, they don’t have a witch on call to do protection spells like that.
  • Anyway, Spike being there makes things awkward for Nancy, the new girl.
  • Spike tells Buffy he’s here to help… something’s coming… something big.
  • Buffy tells Xander to take Nancy home while she and Spike check out the spot where the dog was taken.
  • Dawn stops Spike on his way out and warns him that if he hurts Buffy, she’ll set him on fire while he’s asleep.
  • At the hole in the sidewalk, Buffy asks Spike what happened to him.
  • He blames his crazy on the ghosts at the school.
  • Then she confronts him about the attempted rape.
  • He tells her he can’t apologize, but he does tell her he’s changed… but he’s still cryptic about it.
  • And she knows he’s changed… she just doesn’t know what he’s changed into.
  • They find nothing helpful in the hole in the sidewalk.
  • Xander and Nancy seem to be hitting it off pretty well and she wants to give him a call sometime.
  • As he tells her good night, there’s another tremor… and they run.
  • At the end of the hallway, they are just out of reach of the giant underground worm… with teeth.
  • Nancy tells Xander that her ex, Ronnie, would love this… that she was attacked by a monster twice in one night.
  • And in talking about Ronnie, she mentions wishing that something would happen to him.
  • Which leads Xander directly to Sunnydale’s resident vengeance demon.
  • Anya is in the middle of trying to get someone else to make a wish when Xander walks in with Nancy, Buffy, and Spike.
  • Anya definitely turned Ronnie into a giant worm monster.
  • Spike says that Ronnie is actually a Sluggoth demon now.
  • Anya notices Spike’s soul when she takes a look into his eyes.
  • She doesn’t say it aloud, but she asks him how he did it.
  • Spike starts to fight Anya… she fights back…
  • Nancy slips away.
  • Buffy heads out to try and find her, but Ronnie the Worm finds her first.
  • Nancy manages to climb up on a fire escape, but Ronnie shakes the building causing the ladder to come apart.
  • Buffy swings in and saves her just before she can be devoured.
  • Meanwhile, Xander is trying to convince Anya to reverse the spell, but she explains to him that she’s in enough trouble as it is.
  • Spike shows up to help Buffy and as he goes in to make the killing blow with the worm, he suddenly reverts to human form.
  • Which completely unhinges Spike because he just stabbed a regular dude with a metal rod.
  • Somewhere in his insane ramblings, he warns Buffy that this is just a warm up act.
  • He repeats the line, “From beneath you, it devours.”
  • Buffy has called for an ambulance and goes after Spike once Xander and Anya arrive.
  • Nancy is sickened by all of this and walks away.
  • Buffy tracks Spike to an old church.
  • He’s pretty much lost his mind, but he manages to reveal that he has a soul now.
  • When he talks about how Angel was able to hide how it feels to have a soul, she figures it out.
  • “All it does is burn.”
  • He did it so he could be the kind of man who would never do the things that he has done.
  • Because he wanted to be loved.
  • As penance, he drapes himself on a big cross at the front of the church, causing his skin to burn.
  • Body count: Humans – 1; Dogs – 1

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