A to Z Challenge 2020 – Theme Reveal

Last year, T, over at No Love For Fatties, introduced me to the concept of the A to Z Challenge. The idea is that throughout the month of April, you follow a theme and work your way through the alphabet, posting each day except Sundays. April 1 is A, April 2 is B, and so on and so forth.

When I took the challenge last year, I wound up posting about a movie each day. This year, I’m doing something similar. But I’m limiting myself to movies from the Disney catalog. This means anything from Disney. Could be animated. Could be live action. Could be old. Could be new. Pretty much if I can find it on Disney+, it’s fair game.

Like with last April’s posts, the format will be similar to what I do with my personal Top 100 Favorite Movies posts. I’m also imposing the same rules on myself as last year…

First: The movies cannot be on my personal Top 100, nor can they be on the AFI Top 100. That would be too easy if it’s a movie I’ve already reviewed on here. In addition, they cannot be movies that I did throughout last year’s A to Z Challenge. But I was careful not to do any Disney movies last year in case that’s what I wanted to do this year.

Second: If a movie title starts with “The,” “An,” or “A” I’m ignoring that and the starting letter will come from the first substantial word in the title. Should go without saying. I just don’t want anyone getting hung up on semantics.

Right… Well, I’ve gone ahead and made up a list of 26 movies that I’ll be watching over the course of April. I’m not going to provide the list here, I’ll just let each day be a special little surprise.

Oh, and just so we’re all on the same page, I may have to fudge things a bit when I get to X. There are absolutely zero feature length movies on Disney+ that begin with that letter. I’ll decide what to do when I get there.


5 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge 2020 – Theme Reveal

  1. Yay!!!! I love converting people to this challenge! And I’m excited for your titles. I might just have to binge a few now that I have Disney+. But will you expand into Pixar and marvel since they are on Disney+? Or just stick to strictly Disney movies?

    I’m writing posts now (trying for two a day) and they are all turning out dark!! The one I’m on right now is wanting to go into this dark murdery venue and idk if I want to let it lol

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    • On the list I’ve made, two of the movies are Pixar. I would not have been opposed to picking from Marvel or Star Wars or even from among the older 20th Century Fox movies they have available. At the moment, there is only one letter for which I could not find a movie, so I’m gonna have to fudge something on that one. Not sure if I’ll go with trying to find a TV show that fits the category or bend my Disney+ rule and get outside that particular box. As of now, though, all but those two Pixar movies are pure Disney.

      Embrace the darkness. We’re living in dark times. I always think those darker stories are more fun to write.

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      • Pixar has an X in it 😉 use a Pixar movie lol

        And alright but when you read D and it says “but then Robert wasn’t satisfied anymore” the rest is your permission to embrace the murder lol

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