My Favorite Movies #29 – Annie

Annie - PosterAnnie


Directed by John Huston

Quick synopsis… Based on the Depression-era comic strip “Little Orphan Annie,” this adaptation of the smash Broadway musical follows America’s favorite urchin as she captures Daddy Warbucks’s heart with her optimism — and dodges the treacherous orphanage matron.

  • Who’s singing along?
  • Anyone else?
  • Come on, it can’t just be me.
  • I don’t understand why so many kids find Annie to be intimidating.
  • I mean, I get that she’s tough, considering she’s been raised by this Hannigan lady.
  • Who is a horrible human being, by the way.
  • If you’re interested in some of my thoughts about her, feel free to go back to this old post I wrote.
  • Though I’m sure I’ll accidentally rehash some of those thoughts.
  • Honestly, though, I don’t think Annie would be all that intimidating.
  • I feel like she’d be the most likely to be bullied by the bigger kids in the orphanage.
  • She’s uncharacteristically optimistic amidst the backdrop of the Great Depression.
  • She’s the only kid who gets to wear a red sweater among a sea of orphans who are rocking various shades of gray.
  • Annie sticks out like a sore thumb and in a place like that, your best bet is to probably blend in as much as possible.
  • But I guess sticking out helps out in the long run when she gets chosen by Miss Ferrell, the personal assistant of one Oliver Warbucks, billionaire tycoon, to come and spend a week at the mansion.
  • I guess this was just an image thing…
  • Warbucks has to look like he’s still in touch with regular folks, right?
  • So why not temporarily bring in a poor little orphan and treat her like a princess for a week, just to send her back to that abusive hovel she’s been used to her entire life.
  • Seems cruel to me…
  • Good thing Warbucks and his staff of a few dozen dancing butlers and housemaids fall in love with the kid so he can try and adopt her later on.
  • Oh… but wait… Annie doesn’t want to be adopted.
  • Because she’s convinced that her real parents are still out there somewhere and that they’re certain to come back for her once they get on their feet.
  • See? Optimistic…
  • But that kind of thinking is foolish.
  • Annie was left on Hannigan’s doorstep as a baby.
  • She’s 10 years old at this point.
  • If that kid’s parents haven’t gotten settled enough to the point where they can properly take care of their child in the last 10 years, it ain’t gonna happen.
  • Accept Warbucks’ offer of adoption and wear a tiara for the rest of your days!
  • When Annie first arrives at the Warbucks estate, I’m glad they spell out just how friggin’ patriotic this guy is.
  • And they do that by describing what he’s having for dinner: various foods identified by the state from which they originate.
  • This dude loves America.
  • Anyway, because Warbucks eventually also loves Annie, he’s willing to put up a $50,000 reward for Annie’s parents to come and get her.
  • I guess that’s a good guarantee that you’ll be able to get back on your feet during these trying times.
  • Since Hannigan has the other half of a broken locket as “proof” of parentage, her brother and his girlfriend are able to pose as Annie’s folks.
  • It’s a pretty great scheme.
  • And they would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for those pesky kids at the orphanage who overheard their plot and went to warn Warbucks.
  • Oh, and Hannigan also has a change of heart when she grows a conscience and realizes Rooster is going to kill Annie once they cash that check from Warbucks.
  • Grow up, Hannigan! What did you think he was gonna do with that kid once he got the money?
  • As if he wouldn’t do the same thing to her if she got in the way of his money.
  • And because of this change of heart, Miss Hannigan gets to hang out with all the good guys at the end of the movie at Warbucks’ backyard circus.
  • I still don’t think that’s right.
  • She should be in jail.
  • Not riding an elephant and flirting with Punjab.
  • All right… Did you sing along with all the songs?
  • I did… and I may have annoyed my neighbors.
  • No… I couldn’t have annoyed them. I have the voice of an angel.

If musicals aren’t your thing, be sure to come back next week for a movie about a guy who’s just about the luckiest person to come out of Alabama in the last century. I mean, it’s fiction… but… whatever. It’s still a great movie. Until then, remember, you’re never fully dressed without a smile.

4 thoughts on “My Favorite Movies #29 – Annie

  1. Omg I love Annie! I used to identify with her Cos I’m also a ginger hehe. But like for no other reason? I was a weird child. I really like this version. Used to watch it all the time. I have seen the newer ones but just always prefer this one to any of the others I have seen. I think it’s on Canadian Netflix! Maybe some afternoon viewing is in order

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