Another Leap Day

Every four years this day comes along and I keep on crossing my fingers in hopes that this year… this will be the Leap Day when someone finally announces that they’re going to reboot Quantum Leap.

It didn’t happen today.

And it hasn’t happened in the 27 years since the classic time travel show was unjustly canceled by NBC.

A few years back, I took a stab at how I’d reboot Quantum Leap if I had the chance. But that’s not a chance I think I’ll ever have.

I was almost born on Leap Day, or so I’m told. I think the story is that my mom went into some kind of false labor on February 29 and she really didn’t want me to be born at that point. Instead, I arrived later in the week.

Personally, I think it’d have been cool to be born on Leap Day. I’d be celebrating my 10th birthday today instead of my 40th. I mean, yeah, I’d still be 40 years old… But those birthdays only coming around every four years would be kind of special, right?

Not that too many people pay attention as it is.

As it is, another Leap Day has come and gone. I’m pretty sure I didn’t post anything to social media today. Which means that my Timehop will have nothing to show me four years from now.

I wonder where I’ll be when the next Leap Day comes around?

Feature Photo by Kid Circus on Unsplash

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