What Is a Test?

Due to this blog post’s subject matter, I felt it necessary to put the title in the form of a question. I know what a test is. This isn’t the kind of question that needs an answer.

It’s the kind of question that is the response to an answer. You know… like on Jeopardy!

Around this time each year, the good people at my favorite quiz show hold their online test, which they then use to determine who to contact for tryouts to be contestants on the show.

I’ve taken this test six times in the past and have never once been contacted. They can probably tell from my quick responses that I’m an introvert and assume that I would, therefore, freeze up or have a zero personality on camera. If I’ve learned anything from 39 years of television exposure, it’s that producers like to put people on TV who are going to be at least mildly entertaining.

But, wait… They don’t know I wouldn’t be mildly entertaining. I am a delight to interact with in small crowds! I can pretend that we’re not being watched by millions of people. It’s fine.

Anyway, I took the test again last night. No clue how I did. But, you know, fingers crossed.

Thankfully, you don’t have to respond in the form of a question. Because you just don’t get enough time to do that. 50 questions… For each question, you get 15 seconds to read the question, think of your answer, and type that answer. The option is there to click submit if you happen to finish typing the answer within 15 seconds, but that 15 seconds disappears pretty quickly.

And maybe that’s why I’ve never gotten the call. It’s entirely possible… even probable… that I just didn’t get enough answers submitted in time and so I didn’t even qualify for that coveted phone call telling me to come try out.

That’s the thing… They don’t let you know how you did. When you get to the end of it, it’s not like taking a Buzzfeed quiz where they give you a score of how many you got right out of the 50. They don’t even tell you which Jeopardy! champion’s personality matches yours. The only way I’ll ever know if I did well on the test is if I get that call inviting me to try out in person.

I’d say wish me luck… but since the test was last night, it’s a little late for that. Unless you’re a time traveler. In which case, can you go back in time and wish me luck? Thanks.

Did anyone else out there take the test last night? They’re doing it again tonight and tomorrow. If you took it, how do you think you did? Let me know in the comments below!

Feature Photo from jeopardy.com


4 thoughts on “What Is a Test?

  1. Ooook! Now I understand! I didn’t know they did this but maybe this will be your yeast! What kind of questions are there?! I need more details lol


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