Morning Announcements – A Prequel

A few days ago I shared a post about experiencing the morning announcements in a school where I recently worked. And it got me thinking about the morning announcements that we heard each morning in high school.

During my freshman year at Patrick Henry, there was this guy who did the announcements every day. He was a student. I can only assume he was a senior, because he did not deliver morning announcements beyond that year. And he referred to himself as the Polyester Mallet.

I honestly can’t remember anything special about those daily addresses. I can’t even remember if we had to recite the Pledge every day once we got to high school. Is that a thing in high school? I just remember, and can still clearly hear this guy’s voice in my head, he would wrap up the announcements, “This is the Polyester Mallet, have a good day!”

I never had clue who this Polyester Mallet was. Like I said, I can still hear his voice if I really think about it, but that’s his only identifying trait. I never would have known what the guy looked like. I didn’t know his name. And, even if I did know his name, I was a freshman who never talked to anyone.

There was a story I heard once that the Polyester Mallet was not the first student to deliver the morning announcements. Rumor had it, before him, there was a student who referred to himself as the Silk Hammer who made those daily addresses. The Polyester Mallet chose his pseudonym as a nod to the Silk Hammer.

Whoever the Silk Hammer was, he was long gone before I ever set foot on the Patrick Henry campus.

Following my freshman year, those morning announcements are entirely unremarkable. At least, I think they are. Because I don’t remember anything about them at all. I’m sure they happened. At a school as large as Patrick Henry High School, announcements are a must. There’s always something going on or coming up that students and faculty need to know about.

But I have no idea who made those announcements. Maybe it was a rotation of students who had roles amongst the student government.

I really did always think it would be fun to be the guy who made those morning announcements. Even if no one knew it was me. But I think they’d figure it out. I’m convinced that, even if I’m trying to do vocal impressions, I still mostly sound like myself.

Paul shared about the announcements he experienced in school the other day in the comments. So I’m curious to hear from others! What were daily announcements like where you went to school? I can only assume that, if you live outside the U.S., they don’t force you to recite the Pledge of Allegiance every day, right? Let me know in the comments!

Feature Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash


One thought on “Morning Announcements – A Prequel

  1. We had the pledge, a moment of silence, the lunch offerings for the day, and since we were on block scheduling, whether it was A day or B day though by the time announcements were being given, I would have already been in whatever A/B class I needed to be in… I suppose it helped other people. Very rarely were there any special announcements.

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