Rewatching Buffy – Episode 114

buffy-titleWelcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show 22 years ago.

Older and Far Away

  • Buffy’s running out on Dawn…
  • She’s got some slaying to do…
  • Buffy fights a demon that seems to be able to teleport, but manages to run him through with his own sword.
  • But she doesn’t see him sort of melt into a puddle that is absorbed by the sword.
  • So she keeps the sword, not realizing her foe is trapped within.
  • Oh, forgot to mention, before Buffy left the house, Dawn mentioned Buffy’s birthday party happening the next day.
  • Haven’t we learned, time and time again, never throw Buffy a birthday party?!
  • Dawn faces further disappointment when everyone is too busy to go with her to the mall to find a present for Buffy.
  • She gets back home and no one is there.
  • Which is when she freely empties her pockets of all the things she’s recently stolen.
  • Classic cry for attention…
  • Oh… then she takes off her coat, revealing a stolen leather jacket…
  • At school the next day, Dawn is summoned to the guidance office.
  • The counselor claims it’s a follow-up following her recent loss…
  • But we, the audience are aware that this guidance counselor is Halfrek, Anya’s vengeance demon friend.
  • She looks like a normal human being in her disguise, so Dawn takes her role of counselor at face value.
  • Prior to Buffy’s party, Xander and Anya reveal that they’ve invited a guy friend to come over…
  • Clearly not a set up for Buffy.
  • Tara arrives and checks in with Buffy… regarding the whole Spike thing.
  • She asks if Spike is coming to the party, but Buffy says he wasn’t invited.
  • Cue the awkward interaction between Tara and Willow.
  • And then Spike comes in the back door… apparently Willow mentioned the party and he saw fit to come by.
  • And he brought Clem… his kitty poker demon friend.
  • Enter Richard, Xander’s friend.
  • What a great party!
  • Slightly off topic… Clem might be one of my favorite side characters.
  • Dawn is anxious for Buffy to open her present.
  • Why? It’s likely stolen anyway…
  • Yep… it’s that stolen leather jacket.
  • Buffy notices that it still has the security tag on it.
  • Wonder why that is?
  • Xander made Buffy a new weapons chest, which she seems to appreciate more than the stolen leather jacket.
  • Buffy invited a friend from work, Sophie.
  • Dawn closes the door and we see Halfrek on the porch saying, “Wish granted.”
  • Uh… what wish? What did Dawn wish?!
  • Anyway, everyone seems to be having a great time at the party… no matter how late it gets.
  • There’s talk of a beer run… and even volunteers to go… but they can’t seem to bring themselves to leave.
  • The party lasts all night and Richard reminds Xander they have to be at work in a few minutes… and yet they can’t seem to bring themselves to leave.
  • It’s about this time that people start realizing they physically cannot leave the house.
  • But all this talk of wanting to leave is upsetting Dawn.
  • Ugh… she’s so obnoxious.
  • She throws a temper tantrum and runs upstairs.
  • Leading the gang to assume she may know something about why they’re all trapped in the house.
  • “I’m done being talked to like a kid,” says the kid who is clearly acting like a kid.
  • Ugh… she’s so obnoxious.
  • Buffy suggests Tara use magic to try and figure things out, but Tara has no supplies.
  • Willow reveals that, when they got rid of everything in the house, they didn’t quite get rid of everything.
  • So Tara is able to put a little something together.
  • Her spell doesn’t get them out of the house, but it does release the demon from his sword.
  • Richard gets hurt… real bad…
  • The demon vanishes, but is clearly still in the house.
  • Night falls and the demon re-emerges, engaging in another fight.
  • Richard’s barely hanging on.
  • Dawn is still being a brat.
  • Hey, stupid girl, a guy could die!
  • Anya is kind of in a dark, panicky place… pushing for Willow to be the witch to try and get them out.
  • Tara stands up for Willow.
  • Anya decides to do something herself.
  • Dawn and Buffy have a heart to heart… at which point Dawn mentions the guidance counselor.
  • Which shouldn’t be a weird thing, right? Schools have guidance counselors…
  • But Buffy is suspicious, considering Dawn had never met this counselor before.
  • Then she asks Dawn if she happened to wish for something…
  • Meanwhile, Anya is looking through Dawn’s room, insisting the kid knows something.
  • And she finds Dawn’s stash of stolen goods.
  • Confrontation time!
  • Buffy realizes the leather jacket is also stolen…
  • All the confrontation leads to Anya realizing the counselor was Halfrek, so she summons the vengeance demon.
  • And as soon as she appears, the sword demon emerges again and runs Halfrek through.
  • Another fight happens, they finally kill the demon this time.
  • Halfrek, it turns out, is fine.
  • Oh, and she recognizes Spike… calls him William…
  • Because she’s the same actress who played Cecily, the one time object of William the Bloody’s pre-vempiric affections.
  • Halfrek realizes that she can’t leave the house because of her own curse.
  • So she breaks it, allowing everyone to leave.
  • Body count: Sword Demon – 1 0 1

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