Rewatching Angel – Episode 58

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.


  • Remember how the Groosalug showed up at the end of the last episode?
  • He was deposed from his throne in Pylea.
  • So he came looking for his true love, Cordelia.
  • Angel tries to claim he’s not jealous, but he clearly is.
  • Cordy takes Groo home with her, but as they’re kissing, she has a vision.
  • Early the next morning, Wes wants to talk with Angel about Connor… but Angel thinks he’s talking about Groosalug.
  • Wes is concerned with Connor’s existence, so he’s going to look into other potential prophecies pertaining to Connor.
  • Cordelia comes into the office, tells the guys about her vision, and realizes that she can’t have sex with the Groo without potentially losing her visions.
  • Gunn and Fred are having breakfast, which they normally do.
  • But now it’s different because they kissed.
  • Wes pages and holds a meeting about the demon from Cordelia’s vision.
  • Groo claims to have slain many of this thing’s kind.
  • So Wes has Groo team up with Angel and sends them after the demon.
  • They track the demon, but then it breaks out into the daylight where Angel can’t follow.
  • But Groo can… and he handily slays the demon.
  • While Angel has difficulty with Groo and Cordelia, Wes is equally jealous of Gunn and Fred.
  • Later, Angel meets with a potential client: a woman who believes that her fiance of eight years is cheating on her with a witch.
  • Why does she think it’s a witch? Why else would her fiance of eight years cheat on her?
  • Wes and Angel go to pick up a book to help out with those Connor prophecies.
  • Angel confesses to Wes that he’s a little afraid Groosalug could replace him.
  • Cordelia offers to give Groosalug a makeover, which he hopes will allow him to be someone Cordelia can love.
  • Gunn and Fred stake out the cheating fiance.
  • They watch the guy as he waits by a tree… but then he vanishes.
  • Oh… Cordy’s makeover? She makes Groo look pretty much exactly like Angel…
  • Even dresses him in his clothes.
  • And then she asks Angel to help her to be able to have sex with Groo, so she doesn’t lose the visions.
  • Cordelia has found a potion that will allow her to do what she wants, so she asks Angel to go with Groo to get the potion from a demon brothel.
  • Gunn and Fred explore the spot where the cheating fiance disappeared, remembering to look back at the video they were recording and see that the tree roots pulled him underground.
  • And then they’re pulled under, too.
  • They call Angel and ask him to bring Groosalug to free them from this big tree demon thing that somehow has an internet connection, which it uses to lure victims to itself, then feeds on them.
  • The tree then tries to feed on Groo, but Angel tricks the tree into feeding on him instead.
  • Which ends up killing the tree demon… can’t feed on the undead.
  • Oh, and the fiance survived, too.
  • Wes has a talk with Gunn, wanting to make sure he’ll take care of Fred…
  • His word choice makes Gunn aware that Wes has feelings for her.
  • Gunn tries to apologize, clearly not knowing about his feelings, but Wes cuts him off, saying she chose.
  • Cordelia is ready to get Groo home and take her potion, but Angel stops her.
  • She gives her a wad of cash and tells her not to come in for a couple weeks.
  • He wants her to take Groo out of town and have a good time.
  • Angel and Wes silently share their mutual heartbreak.
  • Angel feels a little better when he spends time with Connor.
  • Wes feels a little worse when a prophecy he translates says, “The father will kill the son.”
  • That sounds ominous.
  • Body count: Spikey Demons – 1; Tree Demons – 1

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