Singles Laundry

Why do I have a hamper for dirty clothes?

Is hamper even the right word anymore? It’s really more like a big basket that’s about the size of a trash can. I digress.

I was thinking about it and that waist high basket really just takes up unnecessary space in my bedroom.

Here’s the thing… As a single guy, I typically do only one load of laundry per week. Give or take. I’ve evolved past the ridiculous notion that I need to separate my light and dark clothes. When everything is washed in cold water, what’s the point of separating anything?

This brings me back to questioning my need for a hamper. I could see the need for it if I were going to pull things out and make separate piles. Or if I were a part of a family of two or more, yeah, separate piles, separate clothes. But if I’m just gonna wash everything at the same time, why not just use the washing machine as a hamper? When it gets full, I throw in a Tide Pod and press start. Makes sense, right?

And while I’m saving time on laundry, why take time to fold stuff? Why not just leave everything in the dryer until I need it? I know, you leave things sitting in the dryer, they get cold and wrinkled. But, if I can run the dryer for 5-10 minutes, the clothes get super warmed up and no more wrinkles. Then I pull out a toasty shirt to wear on a cold morning.

I’m curious. Is there a reason for me to keep going with the traditional hamper/folded laundry method? Or does this new theory make sense? Tell me how you do your laundry in the comments below.

Feature Photo by Andy Fitzsimon on Unsplash

6 thoughts on “Singles Laundry

  1. I would say the reason to keep up the hamper and the folding is so that you don’t make it a habit you can’t break. I know you have stated a few times you don’t see yourself ever getting married but you’re a sweet and funny guy so it could happen! And if/when it does, your wife will not be happy with the washer/dryer habit 😂

    I too only do one load a week and have stopped sorting unless I have a new pair of jeans or something that I KNOW will ruin all my light clothes during the first two or three washes lol but I always feel so accomplished when I get all my laundry done. Like on Saturday I pulled my clothes out of the dryer, put on fresh warm jeans, folded and hung up everything and I felt so good about accomplishing something! It’s nice.

    Sorry for writing a book! Lol

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