My Favorite Movies #47 – A Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember - Poster.jpgA Walk to Remember


Directed by Adam Shankman

Quick synopsis… When bad boy Landon (Shane West) is cast opposite the campus bookworm (Mandy Moore) in a school play, no one expects romance to bloom. Despite peer pressure and strict parents, the newly minted lovebirds forge a heartfelt bond … until tragedy tears them apart. This adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’s pulpy best-seller provides teen pop sensation Moore her first starring role — and lets viewers clean out their tear ducts.

  • I saw this movie for the first time back during my first senior year of college.
  • A bunch of us got together to watch it in the Student Activities Center on the big screen TV in there.
  • Pretty sure we rented it on VHS. Yeah.
  • And I cried.
  • Like a 12 year old girl.
  • In front of my friends.
  • But it’s cool… they were crying, too.
  • This was my introduction to the world of Nicholas Sparks.
  • By this point, the only other movie based on one of his novels was Message in a Bottle.
  • Even though The Notebook was his first novel. That adaptation would come out two years after this one.
  • I didn’t read anything by Sparks until about 2008.
  • When I got around to reading A Walk to Remember, I was disappointed.
  • It’s real different from the movie.
  • I bet if you read the book first, you don’t like the movie. If you saw the movie first, you’re probably like me and didn’t like the book.
  • I won’t go into the differences between the movie and the book. That’s not what this post is supposed to be about.
  • This is just about the movie.
  • Then why don’t I start talking about the movie?!
  • You know, I’ve never understood why this kid at the beginning wants to be included in Landon’s circle of friends.
  • They’re all jerks.
  • I mean, they’re jerks to each other before the new kid even shows up to be hazed.
  • “Ha! We’re all mean to each other! That means we’re best friends!”
  • Who wants to be friends with people like that?
  • That situation lands the kid in the hospital and Landon, our protagonist, in a sticky situation with the law.
  • Landon is the product of divorce, giving him a rather large chip on his shoulder and an incredibly strained relationship with his father.
  • Our first glimpse of Jamie Sullivan is when she’s singing a solo with the choir in church.
  • At this point, Landon must at least dig her for her voice.
  • But it doesn’t stop him and his friends from openly mocking her. To her face.
  • Landon is forced to help the custodial staff, tutor kids on Saturdays, and participate in the school play. This basically keeps him out of jail.
  • And it also puts him in closer proximity to Jamie Sullivan, who also tutors kids and is a part of the school play.
  • Play rehearsal brings us to my favorite line of the movie: “I don’t know what I’m drinking, dollface, but if this is love, pour me another glass…”
  • Classic.
  • Jamie attempts to befriend Landon, but he continues to be a jerk to look cool in front of his friends.
  • But he slowly begins falling for her.
  • Who wouldn’t?
  • He begins to change, becoming a better person for just knowing Jamie.
  • Then we discover she has leukemia and her prognosis isn’t good.
  • But that’s not what made me cry.
  • What made me cry was the point when things get so bad for Jamie that it doesn’t look like she’ll ever leave the hospital again.
  • Then Landon’s dad steps in and pays for home hospice care.
  • Landon drives to his dad’s house to thank him. They hug. And Landon breaks down in sobs.
  • And so do I.
  • Sure, it’s a cheesy story. But it’s also heart-wrenching.
  • Even more so if you’ve read Three Weeks with My Brother, Sparks’ memoir, which details the inspiration behind A Walk to Remember.

Obviously, this is the only Nicholas Sparks movie that makes my Top 100. Though there are probably a lot of people who would argue that The Notebook is the superior movie. Maybe it’s Mandy Moore. All right, next week’s movie is a lot less sappy. Unless you tear up when you hear the line, “Sloth love Chunk!”

11 thoughts on “My Favorite Movies #47 – A Walk to Remember

  1. Literally one of my fave sad movies ever. I will cry every single time I see this- no matter how many times that may be! And I’ll never say NO if it’s randomly on TV. I’ll STAY! Lol. Ugh. For some reason, I’ve never really gotten myself to read a Nicholas Sparks novel yet I’ve loved the movies. I’m really into reading sappy romantic drama stuff. Movies yes but books like this bore me to death. I’m into the types of books that aren’t so “likely” or close to “simple” reality.Not so much like Harry Potter either… but more like, Dan Brown in Deception Point? Ever read that? Heavy stuff lol. Anyways! I don’t watch Buffy never did so when I see posts I know about I can respond ok? Lol 😂 xo

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    • I only read a few of Nicholas Sparks’ books. The last one I read was At First Sight. And it pissed me off so much I literally threw it across the room. Haven’t picked up another of his books since. The only Dan Brown book I’ve read was The Da Vinci Code, which I thought was good, but didn’t really whip me into a frenzy to read more of his stuff. Though I feel like I’d really like Inferno if I ever read that. And, yeah, Buffy’s not for everyone! But I’ll take comments whenever I can get ’em! 🙂

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      • Lol 😂 you threw a book across a room. This is why we get along lol 😂 even if only “online” hahahahah I’m dead. Needed a laugh. I actually didn’t read Davinci Code because I thought it was a boring concept. Deception point is a thriller end of the world government conspiracy thing. And I loved Angels and Demons as well. But other than that, his writing is pretty profound. These days I’m reading books written by female comedians and funny bitches. I just want to be surrounded by all of the humor.


        • I decided a few years ago that I wouldn’t buy greeting cards anymore, I’d just make them myself. And I’ll keep doing that until Tina Fey comes out with her own line of sarcastic greeting cards for Hallmark. I really think that’s what the world is missing. Well… no, the world is missing a lot. But that’s definitely one of the things.

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  2. Ugh, The Notebook. Idiot and I visited his sister and his whole family was watching that. We watched a bit and we were ready to gag and go home. At the end, his sister was like, “Why Aren’t You Crying?”. Nope. I will cry at Old Yeller.

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