Question of the Week #276

While walking in the park, you see a stranger and realize with absolute certainty that if you go over and introduce yourself, the two of you will fall in love more deeply than you even imagine possible. But you also know that in 6 months the person will be hit by a bus and killed. … Continue reading Question of the Week #276


My Favorite Movies #47 – A Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember 2002 Directed by Adam Shankman Quick synopsis... When bad boy Landon (Shane West) is cast opposite the campus bookworm (Mandy Moore) in a school play, no one expects romance to bloom. Despite peer pressure and strict parents, the newly minted lovebirds forge a heartfelt bond ... until tragedy tears them apart. This … Continue reading My Favorite Movies #47 – A Walk to Remember

Message in a Bottle

The romantic in her was hoping she had just stumbled upon a Nicholas Sparks novel come to life. Then again, don't most of his books end up with one tragedy or another? Doesn't someone always wind up dead? Does that just make Nicholas Sparks the Stephen King of the love story genre? Diane shook her … Continue reading Message in a Bottle

Safe Haven

Title: Safe Haven Author: Nicholas Sparks Published: 2010 Listening to True Believer renewed my interest in Nicholas Sparks. It's not like I have fuzzy feelings toward the guy, but I was just in the mood to pick up another of his books. So I picked up this one. The story opens up on Katie. She's … Continue reading Safe Haven

True Believer

Title: True Believer Author: Nicholas Sparks Published: 2005 I know what I said after I read At First Sight. I said I was done with Nicholas Sparks. I said that I hated the man and that I was stupid for continually picking up his novels and subjecting myself to the torture of reading them. But … Continue reading True Believer

At First Sight

Title: At First Sight Author: Nicholas Sparks Published: 2005 I hate you, Nicholas Sparks. What is your obsession with making your readers fall in love with the characters you've created and then snatching them away like that? Do you get off on making readers miserable? Do you like it when they cry and get all … Continue reading At First Sight

Three Weeks With My Brother

Some of you know that a guy named Nicholas Sparks is a pretty well-known author. If you've never read any of his books, you may have seen some of the films based on his work: A Walk to Remember, or Message in a Bottle, or maybe The Notebook. The Notebook, so far, is the only … Continue reading Three Weeks With My Brother