Rewatching Buffy – Episode 110

buffy-titleWelcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show 22 years ago.


  • So it was a pretty crazy night all around.
  • I mean… Tara accidentally fell asleep waiting up for everyone to come home with Dawn.
  • Tara realizes that no one woke them up.
  • That means no one came home.
  • Buffy wakes up in a panic amongst the ruins of the house that she and Spike brought down.
  • She’s freaked… she may have lost her soul.
  • Okay… she didn’t. But there is precedence for that on this series.
  • Just sayin’.
  • Buffy and Spike nearly go at it again.
  • She manages to break away from him, claiming he’s just convenient.
  • Spike is convinced that last night changed things and that this will happen again.
  • He’s right, of course. But that’s later.
  • Tara’s making pancakes for Dawn when Willow and Amy stroll in through the back door.
  • Amy starts bragging on how powerful Willow is, which is exactly what Tara wants to hear.
  • So she takes off. Pissed.
  • She should be.
  • Buffy gets home, too.
  • All’s well that ends well… right?
  • Willow goes to her room to get some rest and when she tries to magic the curtains closed, she can’t.
  • She’s drained after her all-night magic binge with Amy.
  • More research on the museum robbery turns up nothing.
  • Amy decides to introduce Willow to Rack, a warlock who’s place is cloaked.
  • He can apparently give the girls their magic fix with little to no burnout.
  • Looking around at the people waiting to see him, it looks like a room full of drug addicts waiting for their next hit.
  • Rack ignores the addicts around him. He’s ready to meet Amy and Willow.
  • Rack recognizes that Willow is super powerful.
  • After some time has clearly passed, Willow and Amy are definitely acting like they’re high.
  • I mean… Willow is literally on the ceiling. Hard to get much higher than that.
  • She hallucinates and sees some kind of scary demon. Then she finds herself in The Bronze, then in front of the Magic Box… then she wakes up on her bedroom floor.
  • Then she’s crying in the shower.
  • Seems about right.
  • Willow apologizes to Dawn about not being home the other night.
  • Dawn insists she’s totally fine to be by herself.
  • Sure, Dawn… Remember that time you invited Harmony into the house?
  • Willow and Dawn decide to go see a movie instead of staying in.
  • Buffy gets home from patrolling to find Willow’s room ransacked.
  • Amy did it… Buffy catches her…
  • Amy is stealing things… you know, like junkies sometimes do.
  • She’s stealing magical items.
  • She tells Buffy that Amy is probably at Rack’s right now.
  • Willow’s not a Rack’s place yet. But they’re headed there after dinner.
  • Willow’s gotta get her fix before they go to the movie.
  • She tells Dawn not to worry, if they’re late to the movie they’ll just miss the trailers.
  • Willow heads into Rack’s back room and Dawn laments, “I like the trailers…”
  • Yeah, Dawn. Everyone likes the trailers. The fact that Willow is willing to miss the trailers is proof enough that something is seriously wrong with that girl.
  • Call Buffy right now!
  • Dawn is left waiting for more than an hour while Rack is just playing with his new toy, Willow, who’s once again completely out of it.
  • Buffy goes to Spike for help to find Rack’s place.
  • Just before 11:00, Willow comes out, her eyes completely black.
  • Walking away from Rack’s, Willow is drunk on the power.
  • Dawn insists on going home, but Willow wants to keep the party going.
  • Walking around, Buffy accuses Spike of dragging things out in their search for Rack.
  • Willow and Dawn, meanwhile, are being stalked by the demon creature that Willow’s been hallucinating back at Rack’s.
  • Willow thinks he’s not real, even though Dawn can see him.
  • He says that Willow summoned him.
  • To get away, Willow magically steals a car.
  • But you shouldn’t drive under the influence. And they straight up crash.
  • Sadly, that didn’t lose the demon.
  • Buffy hears Dawn scream and heads in her direction, fighting the demon for a minute…
  • Then Willow comes to and uses magic to disintegrate the demon.
  • Willow feels super guilty about Dawn being hurt.
  • As she tries to apologize, a pissed off Dawn slaps her in the face.
  • Willow collapses to the ground, sobbing. This is rock bottom.
  • Spike walks Dawn to the hospital while Buffy stays behind to have the tough talk with Willow.
  • Willow finally breaks and begs for help.
  • Later, Willow is talking about how she was out of her mind… out of control…
  • The look on Buffy’s face tells us she knows exactly how Willow feels.
  • Buffy’s may not get all of where Willow is coming from. But she has her own addiction.
  • As Willow firmly states that it’s over… no more magic… Buffy agrees.
  • We know what Buffy is trying to say is really over.
  • During the night, Willow has trouble sleeping… breathing… And Buffy’s room is covered in garlic.
  • Body count: Demons – 1

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