Rewatching Angel – Episode 54

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.


  • The gang returns to the hotel with Angel’s infant son.
  • The place is obviously still a mess after the ordeal between Wolfram & Hart and Holtz’s demon posse.
  • Lorne arrives, too… This will be his home now, seeing as how Team Angel had a hand in destroying Caritas.
  • Twice.
  • Angel tries to apply some ointment to a scratch the baby sustained while leaving the alley behind the club.
  • The others try to clean up a little.
  • This is all interrupted by a demon wielding a scimitar bursting through the entrance.
  • Gunn easily kills the demon. But Wes warns that the baby is still part of the prophecy, which means anyone or everyone could still come after him.
  • The gang makes a list of potential enemies.
  • Holtz and Sahjhan argue about the plan to kill Angel.
  • Holtz says that Darla, in sacrificing herself, got off easy.
  • Angel will suffer a great deal before his end comes.
  • Oh, and Holtz kills off his four remaining demon mercenaries. He wants people willing to die for the cause, not demons who can be bought.
  • Lorne had the Furies put up a force field around the hotel. No one and nothing can get in and out.
  • There is an emergency exit in the sewer though, which is good because Cordelia insists they need to take the baby for his newborn check up.
  • Lorne asks if there are any flourescent lights, he keeps hearing a humming.
  • The humming, of course, is coming from the Wolfram & Hart bugs.
  • Angel can’t seem to get his son to stop crying. He even resorts to singing to him.
  • I think that makes it worse.
  • Problem is, Angel doesn’t want help from anyone.
  • Funny enough, when Angel shows the baby his vampire face, he stops the crying.
  • Holtz uses obituaries to track down someone he thinks might be willing to join his crusade.
  • He approaches a woman named Justine whose sister was murdered six months prior.
  • Murdered by a vampire.
  • He offers to help her, but she tells him to stay away from her.
  • But the seed’s been planted.
  • The next day, Cordelia proves to Angel he needs help with the baby by taking him outside where he can’t go into the sunlight.
  • Gunn gets back to the hotel with more weapons and reports that there are a bunch of different factions outside trying to figure out how to get in.
  • Lilah gets help from Flo the Progressive Lady in Files & Records to figure out who was after Angel at the hotel.
  • Flo lets her know exactly who Holtz is and why he relentlessly pursued Angelus and Darla for so long.
  • Holtz continues following Justine to watch her fight a vampire in a cemetery. He has to swoop in to dust the vampire and save her.
  • Then he gives her a speech reminiscent of what Palpatine might say to sway someone to the Dark Side.
  • And she’s swayed.
  • A crew of hooded demons performs a spell in an attempt to lower the force field.
  • On the plus side, vampire cultists are fighting a biker gang over who gets to kill the baby first.
  • Angel decides to leave with the baby through the sewer, leaving the rest of the gang to fight in his stead.
  • Kind of selfish to not take everyone with him…
  • Wolfram & Hart see Angel sneaking out, giving them a chance to head him off and take the baby.
  • The force field at the hotel comes down and various demon factions storm the hotel.
  • The gang manages to fry four hooded demons and a vampire before everyone else figures out that Angel and the baby are gone.
  • Angel drives his car leading Wolfram & Hart commandos and all the others way out of town.
  • He then abandons his car and sets off on foot.
  • But then he’s cornered… At least the baby’s not crying.
  • Then Angel surprises everyone by throwing the baby at the crowd of demons.
  • But it’s not the baby.
  • It’s a teddy bear with dynamite strapped to it.
  • Angel makes a get away while various demons are blown to smithereens.
  • The next day, the hall monitors at Wolfram & Hart figure out that Lorne passed a note to Angel about the bugs.
  • Linwood is okay with the way things turned out. Angel’s ploy thinned the herds.
  • Unfortunately, Holtz wasn’t involved and wasn’t taken out.
  • Angel shows up at the firm and threatens Linwood. Anything that happens to his son will happen to Linwood.
  • At the hospital, the doctor reports that the baby is very healthy.
  • The doctor asks for the baby’s name and Angel arrives in time to say his name is Connor.
  • Body count: Demons – 9 plus the ones that got blowed up; Vampires – 2

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