Rewatching Angel – Episode 53

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.


  • Holtz confronts Angel in the hotel, claiming that he will have justice for the things Angelus did to him.
  • Angel says there’s no justice for the things he did to Holtz.
  • Darla’s labor has intensified, so Wes tries to encourage her to breathe…
  • But she’s a vampire. Vampires don’t breathe.
  • In another flashback, Holtz arrives home to his dead family, finding his undead daughter.
  • He thinks she survived… but she’s been turned by Angelus and Darla.
  • It breaks his heart, but Holtz knows he will have to stake her.
  • At Wolfram & Hart, Linwood makes it clear that he knows nothing of the debacle that took place at the Hyperion.
  • When he hears about it at this week’s staff meeting, he will be both shocked and appalled.
  • Holtz is working through ways to bring Darla running to Angel’s aid.
  • Angel is trying to get him to reveal how he could have returned alive 200 years later.
  • As Wes and the rest of the team prepare to drive Darla someplace safe where she can give birth, they’re surrounded.
  • I assume that these are more of the cult vampires.
  • Lilah shows up at the hotel… she lets it slip that Angel has a soul now.
  • Angel uses Lilah as a distraction while he uses a grenade to break free of Holtz’s demons’ grasp.
  • Holtz asks Lilah about Darla… does she have a soul, too?
  • “Nope… she’s free-range evil.”
  • Before Lilah leaves the hotel, she takes the prophecy that they’ve been looking at for weeks.
  • Oh, I assumed wrong. The team and Darla are attacked by some of Holtz’s demons.
  • While everyone’s fighting, Darla steals the car and drives away.
  • And that’s when Angel rejoins the gang.
  • Back in Lilah’s office, an expert examines the prophecy for her.
  • She wants it translated by morning of she’ll have his family killed.
  • Holtz confronts Sahjhan for not telling him Angel has a soul… that changes the way Holtz can hunt him.
  • Angel finds Darla on a rooftop.
  • She tells Angel that she knows the baby is ready to come but she can’t let it…
  • Because she loves the baby.
  • But she also knows that the feelings she’s having aren’t hers… they’re coming from the baby.
  • She’s dead… she hasn’t been nourishing the baby. The baby has been nourishing her.
  • The others go to Lorne to see about Darla having the baby at Caritas, still under reconstruction.
  • This time, Lorne is having the place made a sanctuary for demons and humans. No violence from anyone.
  • So that should be a safe place.
  • Except the system isn’t fully up and running yet.
  • Lilah’s interpreter says the prophecy claims that there will be no birth, only death.
  • That kind of makes it sound like, whatever is coming will bring about the end of the world… if no one else is born and death keeps happening, that’s pretty much it.
  • In a flashback, morning has come and Holtz sits while his daughter cowers in a dark corner, away from direct sunlight.
  • He carries her outside, allowing her to burn away.
  • Angel and Darla arrive at Caritas, but the security system still isn’t fully working.
  • Something’s wrong, though… she hasn’t had a contraction in over an hour.
  • The construction demon that was working on Caritas sells the good guys out to Sahjhan and Holtz, revealing that’s where they are.
  • Wes breaks the news to Angel that the baby’s heartbeat is faint.
  • Darla’s body is not a life-giving vessel. She’s not equipped to bring a baby to term.
  • And they can’t do a C-section because of whatever mystical force is protecting the baby.
  • Lorne got the security system working! Huzzah!
  • While Angel and Darla are back in Lorne’s bedroom, Holtz casually walks into Caritas, but none of the gang out in the bar recognize him.
  • Lorne invites him back for the grand re-opening the next night.
  • Holtz casually walks out, singing the hymn he used to sing to his daughter.
  • From hearing that, Lorne is able to warn everyone to run, just before an oil drum and grenade drop down the stairs causing a massive explosion.
  • So much for the Caritas grand re-opening.
  • Angel is able to break everyone out of a walled up exit through Lorne’s bedroom.
  • Fred, Angel, and Darla wait while the others go get the car.
  • Darla is afraid their baby will die in that alley… she apologizes for siring Angel so long ago.
  • “This child is the one good thing we ever did together.”
  • She wants Angel to make sure their baby knows that as she stakes herself, allowing the baby to be born.
  • And here comes Holtz with a crossbow…
  • As Angel cradles his infant son.
  • Not a word is spoken between them. But Holtz lowers his crossbow and allows Angel and Fred to pass with the baby.
  • Sahjhan shows up demanding that Holtz finish the job.
  • Holtz swore that he would show no mercy. “And I won’t…”
  • That sounds foreboding.
  • Body count: Vampires – 2

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