Rewatching Angel – Episode 51

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.


  • We pick up in Rome, 1771…
  • Angelus is running through sewers, pursued by cloaked figures with torches and crossbows.
  • Enter Holtz, vampire hunter, on horseback.
  • Angelus has been delivered to Holtz by a group of rogue monks who are ready to torture the vampire.
  • The guy from the horse is looking for Darla.
  • The two of them are responsible for slaughtering his family.
  • Speak of the devil… in sweeps Darla with a bunch of vampires to save Angelus.
  • Two of those vampires are dusted as Darla and Angelus make their escape, leaving Holtz to live on and hunt them down again.
  • In the present, Darla arrives in LA on a bus, where she has left at least half a dozen people for dead.
  • Angel and Cordelia are training again, and they’re discussing a coming doom of some kind.
  • Wes and Gunn are off looking for a scroll that may have more info about this coming doom.
  • They break into a place with what appears to be a lot of mystical goodies.
  • They’re caught by the owner of the place and talk their way out of trouble.
  • Fred heads down to the basement as Cordelia finishes her training session.
  • Fred points out that Cordelia and Angel are clearly attracted to each other… even if they don’t see it.
  • Wes gets back and still feels extremely guilty around Fred.
  • What Fred said… it’s got Angel thinking…
  • Probably gonna lead to awkwardness.
  • As the gang works through the prophecy that Wes and Gunn were able to obtain, it leads to them talking about the old Shanshu prophecy.
  • That’s the one that says that Angel will play a key role in the apocalypse and then be rewarded with his humanity.
  • Darla interrupts the research party at the hotel.
  • This may not be great for her, since the last time Angel saw her he told her he would have to kill her if he ever saw her again.
  • Gunn tries to explain to Fred who Darla is… she asks if there’s a chart to help cut through the confusion of Angel’s relationships…
  • Seeing that Darla is very pregnant, they have no clue how this could happen.
  • Two vampires should not be able to have a child together.
  • Cordelia is pissed that Angel would have slept with Darla after all of that stuff that happened last year.
  • If there was a relationship developing between those two, it’s squashed now.
  • Wes suggests taking Darla to see Lorne.
  • Lorne is in the middle of renovations at Caritas.
  • Between Darla’s appearance and the prophecy… “born out of darkness to bring darkness…” things aren’t looking good.
  • Too many what ifs involved with these prophecies and destinies…
  • Cordelia is with Darla as she tries to rest… but she’s hungry.
  • All the time.
  • No matter how much she feeds, she can’t seem to get full.
  • Cordelia manages to get a couple good hits in when Darla attacks, but Darla manages to take a good bite.
  • Cordelia gets a vision mid-feed, which throws Darla off… then Angel comes in, but Darla escapes.
  • Cordy realizes her vision is related to Darla’s insatiable hunger.
  • Darla spots a missing kid at an arcade and she offers to help him find his mommy.
  • Angel arrives before Darla can attack the kid. They fight and the arcade clears out.
  • When Angel is about to stake Darla, she tells him… begs him… to kill her. But he can’t.
  • Because the child has a heartbeat… it has a soul…
  • That’s why Darla has been going crazy and why she’s been craving purer blood.
  • Angel brings Darla back to the Hyperion and gets Gunn to guard her.
  • Wes points out that, even with a soul, the child could be what the prophecy is talking about.
  • Fred calculates that whatever is arriving is arriving right about now.
  • Somewhere underground…
  • A demon performs a ritual next to a big rock that resembles Acathla a little.
  • But what breaks out of the stone isn’t a demon.
  • It’s Holtz…
  • Body count: Vampires – 2; Humans – 6 (I think… didn’t get a good count on the bus)

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