Rewatching Buffy – Episode 34

buffy-titleWelcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show 20 years ago.

Kids, I just don’t have time to watch three episodes of Buffy this week. So we’re just gonna close out Season 2 for now. I’ll come back next week to begin Season 3…

Becoming, Part II

  • You don’t need a recap, right? Okay, good…
  • The police haul Buffy out of the library and Snyder says, “If there’s trouble, she’s behind it!”
  • Stupid little troll.
  • Buffy hits the cop that tries to arrest her and runs away.
  • Another cop pulls a gun and fires. Snyder was in the way.
  • Not that I would complain if Snyder got shot, but the police wouldn’t fire if a civilian was between the gun and the target, right?
  • Buffy sneaks into the hospital, attempting to be incognito, to find out how her friends are.
  • Willow’s in a coma. Xander’s arm is broken. Cordelia ran and got away safe. But no one knows where Giles is…
  • Because he’s at the mansion. Angelus is kinda hoping Giles doesn’t give up his info on the ritual to awaken Acathla right away because he really wants to torture him.
  • “The last time I tortured somebody, they didn’t even have chainsaws.”
  • Buffy goes to Giles’ place and encounters Whistler, who does not make a great first impression.
  • Whistler thought Angel was destined to stop Acathla, not bring him forth. “What are you prepared to give up?” he asks the Slayer. “In the end, you’re always by yourself.”
  • Buffy walks the streets and gets stopped by a cop. Enter: Spike… “Hello, cutie.”
  • He wants to stop Angelus from ending the world. Really, he’s just jealous and wants things with Dru back they way they were before Angelus returned.
  • “The whole world may be sucked into Hell, and you want my help ’cause your girlfriend is a big ho? Well, let me take this opportunity to not care!”
  • As Xander sits alone by Willow’s hospital bed, he confesses he really does love her. She stirs, asking for Oz.
  • Buffy and Spike run into Joyce outside the house. She tries to let her know that she’s in a band with Spike.
  • Spike can’t believe her mom doesn’t know that Buffy’s the Slayer.
  • She knows now. One of Angelus’ lackeys attacks and gets dusted right in front of Joyce.
  • That might be a bigger issue than the sex talk from earlier in the season.
  • Later, in the living room, Joyce is trying to figure out why she recognizes Spike. “You hit me with an axe one time.”
  • Spike makes a deal with Buffy: he and Dru skip town and he helps her kill Angelus.
  • Joyce is having a really hard time with this. She wants to go to the police. She’s sure they’ll understand now that she knows Buffy is a superhero.
  • She expects Buffy to make time to explain what being the Slayer means. But she’s got to go save the world. Again.Buffy Apocalypses - Becoming Part 2
  • “You walk out of this house, don’t even think about coming back.” And then she was gone. Because she has to go save the world. Again.
  • Meanwhile, Willow wants to try the curse again. From her hospital bed. She sends Xander to tell Buffy to stall.
  • Angelus is getting fed up with Giles and calls for the chainsaw. Spike suggests using Drusilla’s power of hypnosis. “I don’t fancy spending the next month getting librarian out of the carpet.”
  • Buffy stops by the library to get the sword that Kendra brought with her.
  • While there, she encounters Snyder, who summarily expels her. “Tell the mayor I have good news.”
  • Back at the mansion, Drusilla makes Giles believe he’s talking to Jenny. And he lets it slip how Angelus can successfully awaken Acathla.
  • Angel’s blood is the key. His blood can open the portal to Hell. His blood can close it.
  • Xander catches Buffy on the way to the mansion and fails to tell her that Willow is trying the curse again. He probably figures her head won’t really be in the fight if there’s a chance Angel could come back.
  • Buffy interrupts the ritual by beheading a henchvamp.
  • The Spike attacks Angelus. Dru attacks Spike. “I don’t wanna hurt you, baby… Doesn’t mean I won’t.”
  • Xander gets Giles out of the mansion.
  • While Buffy kills another henchvamp, Angelus completes the ritual.
  • Spike knocks Dru out and escapes with her.
  • Epic sword fight between Buffy and Angelus. Angelus kind of has the upper hand.
  • Willow sort of gets possessed while doing the curse.
  • Angel’s soul is restored just as Buffy’s about to make the killing blow.
  • Angel feels like he hasn’t seen Buffy for months. They share a sweet moment.
  • Then Buffy runs him through with her sword, driving it into the statue of Acathla.
  • The portal closes, sucking Angel into Hell.
  • As Sarah McLachlan’s “Full of Grace” plays in the background, Buffy walks silently through Sunnydale before getting on a bus that takes her out of town.
  • Buffy ran away from home. Angel is dead.
  • What’s this strange liquid coming out of my eyes?
  • Body count: Vampires – 3

Like I said, I’ll come back to Season 3 next week. Unless I get the overwhelming feeling that you all want me to stop doing this weekly revisit of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Let me know in the comments. I will abide by your wishes.

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