Rewatching Buffy – Episode 103

buffy-titleWelcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show 22 years ago.

After Life

  • Y’all… the last episode of Buffy that I watched for the blog was back in March.
  • Should I do a “Previously on Buffy the Vampire Slayer…”?
  • Okay… Buffy died. Willow and the gang worked some dark mojo and brought her back.
  • You’re pretty much caught up.
  • Unless you have no idea who Buffy is. Or Willow. Or the gang.
  • In which case, you can go back and read through 102 episodes of Rewatching Buffy, right here at The Confusing Middle!
  • After the big battle with the demon biker gang, the Scoobies are making their way on foot back to Buffy’s house.
  • The chief discussion is whether or not Buffy is okay.
  • Anya thinks they did the spell wrong and she’s somehow off.
  • Willow thinks the spell worked fine, but Buffy is just in shock because they freed her from some kind of hell dimension and who knows how long she was trapped there, since time may flow differently than it does on earth.
  • Dawn takes Buffy home… but nothing seems to feel familiar to her.
  • Buffy seems lost.
  • Spike arrives and, at first, he thinks Buffy is just the Buffybot… but he quickly realizes she’s the real deal.
  • He notices her bleeding hands, from where she had to break out of her own coffin.
  • Spike sends Dawn to get bandages and Buffy asks him how long she’s been gone.
  • 147 days.
  • When the rest of the gang burst in, Spike leaves without a word.
  • They’re all bombarding her with questions and things they think she might want.
  • Dawn, in the most mature moment she’s ever experienced, tells them all to back off.
  • They’re overwhelming Buffy.
  • Xander and Anya leave and bump into Spike in the front yard.
  • He’s pissed.
  • No one told him about the spell.
  • He knows that Willow secretly knew that something could go wrong and Buffy could come back wrong and they’d have to get rid of her all over again.
  • And she knew Spike wouldn’t let them.
  • Spike storms off, yelling about how there are always consequences when magic is involved.
  • Willow has called Giles with the news. She couldn’t tell how he really took the news over the phone.
  • Willow and Tara talk about how Buffy coming back is different than when Angel returned.
  • Angel was like an animal… savage from the years of torture he’d endured.
  • Buffy’s nothing like that… she seems so empty…
  • In her room, she’s not sleeping. She looks around and sees old picture of her with her friends.
  • For a moment… she doesn’t see their faces… she only sees skeletons…
  • In Willow and Tara’s room, Buffy seemingly wakes them, screaming at them for the dark magic they performed and the sacrifices Willow made to make it happen.
  • When Willow turns the light on, Buffy’s gone.
  • They check her room and she’s asleep in her bed.
  • Something else is messing with them.
  • Willow calls Xander to check on him.
  • While on the phone, he sees a possessed Anya mutilating her face with a kitchen knife.
  • When he gets the knife away from her, she faints and there’s no visible damage to her face.
  • The next day, they talk about how something might have come back from hell with Buffy.
  • Anya mentions that they probably shouldn’t have brought Buffy back.
  • She’s not wrong.
  • But then we wouldn’t have had two more seasons of an awesome TV show.
  • Everyone goes into research mode and Buffy mentions how she misses Giles.
  • She’s clearly uncomfortable with her friends, so she leaves to go on patrol.
  • Dawn lets her know she’ll be okay with the gang at the magic shop.
  • And then her eyes show us that she’s also currently possessed by whatever demon hitched a ride with Buffy.
  • Demon Dawn calls out the group for what they did. Then she breathes fire.
  • And just like that… demon gone.
  • Buffy visits Spike’s crypt. Spike feels guilty, saying if he’d been able to save Dawn from Glory’s ceremony, Buffy wouldn’t have had to jump.
  • Back at the store, Xander and Tara have a moment. He’s trying to ask her if it’s possible that Willow knew there would be negative consequences to the spell.
  • Before they can really finish that conversation, Willow has a eureka moment, figuring out that the spell didn’t release a demon, it created one.
  • To get rid of the demon would mean they get rid of the spell… reversing Buffy’s return.
  • Further study shows the created demon will eventually dissipate.
  • The only way for it to survive is to kill the subject of the original spell: Buffy.
  • Unfortunately, the demon overheard how it could stick around permanently, then uses Xander to say, “Thanks for the tip!”
  • Looks like Buffy’s in danger…
  • So she could fight the demon, kill it, and die herself.
  • Or she could do nothing and let the demon killer her.
  • Well, the demon is non-corporeal anyway. She can’t touch it.
  • But it can touch her…?
  • That’s not fair.
  • Willow and Tara do another spell that should give the demon a physical form so that Buffy can actually fight the thing.
  • Buffy beheads the demon and, hey, spell not broken.
  • The Slayer remains among the living.
  • And the next day, she makes lunch for Dawn as she heads off to school.
  • Buffy seems almost like her old self again.
  • Dawn says things will be better now that everyone can see Buffy back to being happy. That’s all they want.
  • Buffy heads to the store and tells them that she was in hell… that it felt like the world abandoned her there.
  • She thanks them for bringing her back.
  • But then Buffy heads out the back of the store and runs into Spike in the alley.
  • She confesses to him that she was happy. Wherever she was, she was at peace.
  • She confesses that she was in heaven… not hell.
  • Buffy was in heaven… now she’s not. She was torn out of there… by her friends.
  • She tells Spike that they can never know.

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