The Fiona Fiasco, Part III

Well… it has been an eventful afternoon.

Wait… what’s the last thing you heard about my car? That was last Friday, right? That’s when I thought my biggest problem was a fuel pump that was gonna cost about $500 that I really didn’t have.

I got a call on Monday from our good friend at the dealership. He was letting me know that the powers that be suggested replacing some kind of gasket and some other something or other instead of the fuel pump. The good news with that call was that this would only cost about half of what the fuel pump would have cost. Hey, I’m all about paying less.

And then we hit another period of radio silence. I heard nothing between Monday and today.

Judging by what I heard today, I’d have rather kept going without hearing anything.

I got the call late this afternoon. They replaced the gasket like they said they would. No dice. They also went ahead and replaced the fuel pump (deciding not to charge me for that one). Didn’t help.

So the technician opened up the engine itself. The timing chain is messed up. The cam gears are messed up. The crank gear is messed up. The chain guides are messed up. All of these things can be fixed for the low, low price of just over $3,000.

And I thought a $500 fuel pump was a big problem.

I was given a second option: they could install a new (to me) used engine for just over $4,300. Yeah, just let me grab my checkbook.

Did I mention that I didn’t think I could afford $500 for the fuel pump? How do I come up with $3,000 to replace vital engine parts? Did I mention that the only way I can afford the apartment I’m about to move into is because I don’t have a car payment?

I can’t afford to get a new (to me) used car. And I can’t afford to get my current car fixed. It’s funny how, just when you think you’ve hit rock bottom, there’s always a little further you can go.

Yeah, I know… There are people who have it a lot worse than me. And, typically, I’d totally be perspective guy. But, as it is, with this situation, it’s hard to see past my own circumstances. And I apologize if that seems selfish on my part.

Like I said earlier, that call came late this afternoon. So I jumped in my car and made my way to the bank, hoping I could catch someone before they closed. They didn’t take my robbery note seriously, so I went with plan B: talk to a loan officer about taking out a personal loan. And while my credit score isn’t the worst it could be, it’s also not good enough for them to consider me for that loan. Which means I have to get Mom to co-sign. She’ll be coming down on Monday.

On one hand, the estimated monthly payments on a $5,000 loan are less than a car payment would be. On the other hand, it’s also more than I was expecting to have to deal with on my new budget of trying to afford an apartment by myself.

I’m starting to think I jinxed myself by signing that lease. Oh, yeah, I can afford this awesome apartment on my own! It’ll be a little tight, but I can definitely make it work once school starts back up and I’m making extra money! BOOM! Here’s the universe with a quick dose of reality. You thought you could get just a little bit ahead by paying off some of your credit cards before moving?! HA! Here are some unspecified car problems! Run those credit cards back up you optimistic little snot! A couple hundred here! $600 there! Think you’re done?! Not so fast! If you ever want to drive your car again that’ll be another $4,000!!!

So… uh… Looks like this is my life now. Unless I can track down a wealthy friend this weekend who is also extremely generous. I really don’t think such a person exists. I thought about the possibility of a GoFundMe account, but I’m pretty sure you can only actually raise money that way if it involves a medical procedure or some kind of religious experience. And only if the right radio station or celebrity sees it and it becomes a viral sensation. And only if someone else actually creates it on the beneficiary’s behalf.

Really looking forward to dealing with all of this all over again Monday morning.


7 thoughts on “The Fiona Fiasco, Part III

  1. Wow, Aaron, I’m so sorry that your car is causing so many problems for you right now. It sucks. Straight up. But, and I say this because I know you’re a religious person, God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. And sometimes that means that we grow through a “crushing”. My small group had a video about his author, I forget his name, who wrote two books “soaring” and “crushing” and the second was that sometimes we need to be crushed or challenged in order for God to show us how much we can grow. Maybe this is your moment for that. Stay positive! I know that’s hard to do right now.

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  2. I hope you have another form of transportation when Fiona is in the repair shop! Are you now driving a car borrowed from your mom, or taking an Uber or Lyft? And it’s totally fine to make a GoFundMe account to raise money for Fiona, just share it on all your social media accounts so that your online friends can donate money to you! Or you can sell some of your old stuff and your old comics and books online to make some money!


  3. Oh man, what a nightmare. Why does it feel like they’re just looking for issues at this point and taking advantage of you? Maybe sneak in there while they’re on lunch break and drive Fiona home. She’s probably terrified.

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