Rewatching Buffy – Episode 101

buffy-titleWelcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show 22 years ago.

Bargaining, Part 1

  • Y’all, Buffy died.
  • Like, for real died.
  • Not just drowned a little while the Master escaped his underground prison and Xander brought her back with a little CPR.
  • Dead, dead.
  • So everyone else is on patrol. The whole gang.
  • They’re working with Spike while Willow directs everyone with telepathy.
  • Oh, wait… there’s Buffy.
  • No… just kidding… Buffybot.
  • They’re not exactly a well oiled slaying machine, but they do manage take down two vampires.
  • The robot is still clearly a robot, most noticeably when she speaks.
  • This could be dangerous. They need the underworld to think the Slayer is still on duty so they don’t overrun the Hellmouth.
  • They need the world of the living to think Buffy’s still around so Dawn isn’t shipped off to foster care. Or worse, to live with her dad in Europe.
  • Willow and Tara have moved into the Summers’ house. They’re sort of the guardians behind the guardian that is Buffybot.
  • Today’s a big day. Parent/Teacher day at Dawn’s school.
  • Buffybot has to appear in public. But she actually does okay and sparks lively conversation in the classroom.
  • Giles is preparing to move back to England. No Slayer, no need for a Watcher.
  • Spike hangs out with Dawn while the gang is off doing a thing.
  • Dawn insists she’s okay on her own, since she’s not the Key anymore. No one’s after her to open anything.
  • But Spike insists even more. He’s not leaving her to get hurt. He made a promise to a lady.
  • Buffybot is on patrol alone. She fights a vampire who hits her in the forehead with a bottle, exposing some circuitry.
  • That’s not good.
  • She glitches out and just starts walking into things.
  • The Scoobies are meeting about something that Anya got her hands on: the Urn of Osiris.
  • Willow declares, it’s time.
  • Tomorrow night, they’re bringing Buffy back from the dead.
  • Xander and Anya are hesitant. It feels wrong.
  • Tara confirms that it is wrong, but it’s what they agreed to.
  • And Willow puts her foot down. This is happening.
  • Giles, Spike, and Dawn are to be left in the dark about this whole thing until Buffy is back and the spell worked out all right.
  • In a way, they think they’re doing this to save Buffy. She was killed by mystical energy, so her soul could be trapped in some random hell dimension being tortured for eternity.
  • Willow gets home and finds Buffybot there, still running into things, and gets to work fixing her.
  • Dawn can’t sleep, so she goes into Buffy’s room where the robot is lying in bed, recharging. She curls up next to her.
  • Next best thing, I guess.
  • The next day, Buffybot is training with Giles. He’s testing her reflexes after her “injury.”
  • Then he gets a bit introspective. Wonders if Buffy would have been better off without him. He’s ready to leave town.
  • At a demon bar outside of town, the vampire that clocked Buffybot is bragging to a gang of biker demons.
  • There’s no Slayer in Sunnydale.
  • The leader of the pack gets annoyed with the vampire after receiving the good news, so he beheads him.
  • Willow does some kind of preparatory spell in a scenic meadow.
  • She calls out a fawn… that’s a baby deer, right?
  • How sweet…
  • Oh, then she kills it and collects its blood.
  • So we’re dealing with some pretty dark magic if we need the blood of an innocent like that.
  • With the others, she calls it “vino de madre…” not revealing that it’s baby deer blood.
  • At the store, Anya discovers a good-bye note from Giles. He’s trying to sneak back to England.
  • They catch him at the airport before he can fly away to let him know how much he’ll be missed.
  • I think it was around this time that there was a lot of talk about giving Giles a spin-off of his own. It would have been called Ripper, Giles’ nickname from back in his seedier days.
  • I’d have liked to have seen that show.
  • Just before midnight, the gang begins the spell at Buffy’s grave.
  • It gets scary. Pretty much dark magic at its finest.
  • And it’s nearly interrupted when they hear the demon motorcycles driving into town. They’re tearing up downtown Sunnydale.
  • Willow coughs up a rattlesnake. Kind of like that time Ron Weasley coughed up a bunch of slugs.
  • Buffybot confronts the demon biker gang. This won’t end well, I’m sure.
  • When the leader slashes her open to reveal more circuitry, she puts up a decent fight then runs to find Willow, which she’s programmed to do whenever she needs to be repaired.
  • But Willow’s got some weird light show happening.
  • The robot and the biker demons interrupt and shatter the Urn of Osiris.
  • Willow passes out and the gang scatters to get away from the demons.
  • Xander carries Willow off and she’s super disoriented. Xander breaks the news that the spell didn’t work.
  • Meanwhile, in Buffy’s coffin, her rotting corpse is restored and returns to life.
  • Do I give the body count a negative one?
  • Body count: Vampires – 3

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